Why a Veronica Beard Blazer is the Best Investment

Blazer: Veronica Beard // Dickey: Veronica Beard // Leggings: Lysse // Booties: Sam Edelman, Old (Similar HERE & HERE) // Bag: Gigi New York // Sunglasses: Le Specs

For the last 2 months, if you have seen me out and about, chances are, I was wearing a variation of this Veronica Beard look.

Let me explain.

I always knew about the “Dickey” hype. I had seen it demonstrated, I had seen all the options, I had almost pulled the trigger and made the purchase on more than one occasion, but I still couldn’t justify the pricetag. I knew I loved blazers and I knew I loved the layered look that the dickey provided, but I questioned if I REALLY, REALLY needed it. It wasn’t until I went on a recent trip and packed 4 different black blazers and 4 different underpinnings to layer them over when I decided IT WAS TIME TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER A VERONICA BEARD DICKEY JACKET.

So if you aren’t familiar with the Veronica Beard Dickey jackets (and there’s a high possibility you aren’t because I explain mine to at least a handful of people every time I wear it), don’t fret….I will break it all down for you.

First up, you select the Veronica Beard blazer you like! Although I own a handful of them, my go-to favorite is the Long & Lean, which is a little longer in the body and fits like a boyfriend blazer. Initially, I purchased it in black, and after seeing how much I put it to use, I went back and bought the navy one, too! If a boyfriend fit isn’t your style, a lot of people gravitate towards the scuba material zipper blazer, which is a little more of a traditional blazer fit.

Now you can wear the blazers by themselves, and I do this often, but the fun part is adding in a dickey to give it a completely different look! The dickeys range in different styles & trends: sweatshirt hoodies, sweater zip-up turtlenecks, denim jackets, leather bombers, puffer vests….the list goes on and on! And the best part about a dickey? You get the layered look without the bulk!

So what makes this jacket a great investment? Well, the initial price tag is a little steep for the blazer….but think of how much you will wear it! And all the ways you can make it look different by mixing it up with different dickeys! The dickeys are more of a friendly price point, so its realistic to treat yourself to one every season, or when they go on sale! (Tip: Ask for dickeys for gifts when its your birthday or Christmas! This is the easiest gift for someone to give you….aka the man in your life who literally needs the help shopping for what you actually want!) Recently when I traveled to Europe for 2 weeks, I took the blazer, plus 5 dickeys (white sweatshirt, black sweatshirt, turtleneck with cuffs, leather bomber, & puffer vest) and it created SO MANY LOOKS that appeared completely different when layered & paired with different bottoms or over dresses!

Do you have a Veronica Beard blazer? If not, do you think you need one now?!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Megan

    Literally for yearsssssss I’ve been wanting to press the purchase button on one of these and couldn’t bring myself to do it. You may have just given me the push I needed ;)!!! Can’t take my money 💰 with me right?! Xo

  • Marybeth Taranow

    I just order the scuba zipper blazer after much deliberation. I’m not a huge blazer wearer because I hate the bulk under the blazer. I love the Dickey look without the added bulk.


    you should post, all 5 looks!

  • Liz

    Have one and I love it! No dickey’s yet. May have to get one after this post!

  • Gabbi

    Athleta makes one almost the same and WAY cheaper!!

  • Chelsea

    Love, love. love this concept! I HATE wearing multiple long sleeved layers. What size do you wear in the Long & Lean blazer?

    • Courtney

      Im in an 8 because I wanted it more oversized!