Whip It Real Good with Olay

When it comes to your skin, what’s your ultimate goal?

For me, it has ALWAYS, UNDOUBTEDLY been to achieve an pore minimizing, even skin tone that glows! Anyone who is a faithful reader knows that GLOWING skin is my main objective & I am continuously on the search for products that offer those results!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you have certainly heard about Olay’s newest “unicorn of moisturizers,”Olay Whips!” So what is all the hype about?! What sets this lightweight formula apart from all the others?! Why is Olay Luminous Whips a breakthrough product & not your average moisturizer?!

-Because of its ACTIVE RUSH TECHNOLOGY, Olay Luminous Whips begins as a cream and transforms to a liquid as soon as it touches your skin. This allows for the product to be absorbed quickly & for your skin to feel breathable & fresh!

-Throughout the day, not only will it keep you feeling deeply hydrated, but the Luminous formula’s active brightening ingredients work to even out your skin tone & work to illuminate your skin from within over time!

-Immediately, your skin will feel and appear matte & shine-free….wait, so are you saying Whips works like a primer?! Yep, that’s exactly what I’m saying! It’s like the “no primer” primer!

-No greasiness, no stickiness….nothing but a dewy, velvety-smooth, light as air finish that allows your makeup to glide on smoothly & STAY PUT!

So if your ultimate goal is to have minimized pores, a velvety matte (yet dewy!) finish, & skin that is adequately moisturized, then look no further….because Olay Luminous Whips is the answer to your skincare prayers!

Want to try Olay Whips for yourself? You can get your own sample HERE!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*This #KERRentlyPampering skincare post has been sponsored by Olay.