What’s Actually Worth It PLUS My Discoveries: #NSale 2019

Spoiler Alert: These shopping bags are actually empty.

Believe it or not, I went to preview the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and actually left without one single thing. No receipt as long as my body to show off, no backseat full of bags, and no early access for this gal. Since I don’t have a Nordstrom credit card, I will be shopping the #NSale with the rest of America when it opens to the general public one week from today, July 19.

But if you are a cardholder, today is the official beginning to the Nordstrom sale of the year. I have covered this sale the past 2 years with a colorful and opinionated perspective….you can read the 2017 post HERE and the 2018 post HERE. While encouraging y’all to go into debt in order to own a fuzzy cardigan in 7 colors really ISN’T my style, I will encourage purchasing items if you can score them on sale! Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t just “shopping to shop,” instead, we are navigating our closets and smart shopping by purchasing items that will ADD VALUE!

(L to R): Topshop Denim Jumpsuit, $125, $82.90 // Topshop Silk Skirt, $68, $44.90 // Leith Sleeveless Sweater, $45, $29.90 // Halogen Double-Breasted Plaid Blazer $139, $89.90 // Commando Leather Leggings $98, $65.90 // Commando Sleeveless Leather Bodysuit $98, $64.90 // Levi’s Black Wedgie Jeans $98, $64.90 // BP Silk Lace Camisole $39, $25.90 // Treasure & Bond Leather Moto Jacket $329, $199.90 // Leith Sweater Dress $69, $45.90 // Something Navy Plaid Trench, $159, $99.90

But even though I won’t be bending over backwards for the sale this week doesn’t mean I don’t kinda, sorta care about it…and maybe you do to?!?! So this year I decided to cover the sale in advance so that you can shop it at your leisure…maybe today, maybe next week…either way, I’m just gonna leave all this right here for your reference!

(L to R): Marc Fisher Booties $199, $129.90 // Paige Booties $360, $229.90 // Halogen Leopard Sneakers $109.95, $69.90 // BP Cat Eye Sunnies $69, $38.90 // BP Round Sunnies $59, $38.90 // Louise Et Cie Leopard Booties $159.95, $104.90

This past Wednesday, the store manager of Northpark Nordstrom in Dallas invited me in to get a sneak peek of what’s available in this year’s sale….and FYI, everything is officially online for y’all to see now, too, HERE! I posted up in her office with a rolling rack of items I was curious to try on (head to instastories to see that try-on session!) and did a deep dive of what’s actually worth it…in my honest opinion! Here were my discoveries:

-Leopard print is HERE TO STAY: From shoes to dresses, and everything in between, this is a print that needs a home in your closet! Might be a great time to add to your leopard obsession or finally take a walk on the wild side and scoop of your first animal print item! I personally love THESE SNEAKERS and THESE STILETTO BOOTIES.

-This is an ideal time to buy leather at a discounted price: Been wanting a leather moto jacket but always have a hard time justifying the price tag?THIS ONE by Treasure & Bond is a personal favorite of mine from the sale is originally $329 and on sale for $199! Also, last winter you might remember me wearing THESE LEGGINGS ALL THE TIME! I bought them last year during the sale and THEY ARE BACK AGAIN THIS YEAR. They are a wonderful quality, have a thick consistency (aka: you can’t see cellulite through them!), and are even high rise, too!

-It’s time to pull the trigger on that item you’ve been dreaming about: Last fall, I tried on THESE PAIGE BOOTIES with my Trunk Club stylist, Megan. I absolutely fell in love with them but couldn’t justify another pair of black booties in my closet…. especially a pair that had a $360 price tag. No lie, I *almost* purchased these on 3 different occasions of weakness last winter….I loved them so much that I finally made a deal with myself: If they go on sale under $250, I WILL FINALLY BUY THEM. Well, well, well, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon them in the shoe department for $229. Yep, I’m finally going for it!

-It’s not just fall merchandise anymore: In previous years, the #NSale was known for basically pre-selling fall merchandise at a discounted price. But this year, they made a commitment to making the sale more “buy now, wear now!” My favorite items that you could wear, like, tonight, are THIS LACE CAMISOLE (I bought it last year and I will 100% buy it again this year!), THIS SQUARE NECK SHELL (I mean, how cute with white jeans?!), and THIS SWEATER SLIPDRESS for date night with heels!

-There’s SO. MUCH. DENIM: Okay, I truly can’t think of anything worse than jeans shopping….okay, maybe swimsuit shopping….but the point is, if you are looking to find your next favorite pair of denim, this is an ideal time to purchase designer denim at a serious discount. I hightailed to MY KERRENT FAVORITE STYLE, the Levi’s Wedgie, which is available in black denim in the sale!

-When it comes to beauty, STOCK UP ON WHAT YOU ALREADY USE: Yes, the beauty department can be a bit overwhelming, and I wouldn’t suggest to use this sale as an opportunity to try new products. Instead, I would stock up on items that you use all the time. For me, its SUPERGOOP SPF50 MIST, DRYBAR DRY SHAMPOO and ORIBE DRY TEXTURIZING SPRAY! There’s also some REALLY LEGIT beauty devices that I’ve got my eye on, like the NUFACE TONING DEVICE and the DR. DENNIS GROSS SPECTRALITE!

Well, there ‘ya have it kiddos. Should I find any other pieces that I feel the need to share, I will post them on instastories, where I will also keep a highlight tab for you to check out! Also, be sure to let me know in the comments if there are any items or discoveries you found during the sale!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Lisa Z

    Thank you for always keeping it real for your peeps. We appreciate you!!

  • Holly

    Yes, thank you for this! I also don’t have a Nordstrom card, so I appreciate your approach.

  • Beth

    Your sale “mantra” and picks are such a breath of fresh air!! Thank you! Question- do you like the Commando faux leather leggings over the Spanx? I def want a pair this year, and both are included in the sale!

  • Sarah

    You need to add your Spanx Bra-lellujah! It’s on sale <3