What I Learned From Marie Kondo

Sweater: Autumn Cashmere (It’s sold out but I LOVE their collection HERE) // Jeans: c/o Rebecca Taylor (I also got the lighter wash HERE) // Bag: Hermes, vintage // Heels: Schutz (I also own them in nude HERE) // Sunglasses: Quay

Marie Kondo has been having a moment….like, a really big moment.

In the blink of an eye, she has not only become a household name, but she has also become a verb! For example: I totally “Marie Kondo’ed my house and found the items that truly bring me joy!”

The Kondo method is simple: Have a house full of items that spark joy. That’s it. JOY. And while it sounds like something that would make cleaning our your closet a breeze, I actually had a mild breakdown discovering that I was hoarding items that weren’t bringing me joy, but instead were bringing me a BIG PILE OF EMOTIONS: I was holding onto dresses I was wearing when I got broken up with during the countdown of NYE 2010. I was holding onto the dress I wore in the cast photo of “Most Eligible Dallas” from 2011. And I was holding onto items that I never would be able to fit into JUST BECAUSE I wanted to prove myself that *maybe* one day I could.

Fast forward about 7 hours and several layers of me being teary eyed….I was able compartmentalize my closet emotions into 2 categories: 1) You spark joy, and 2) You spark anxiety. And if something sparked anxiety, I immediately decided to get rid of it. Why on earth would I keep something that made me feel bad about myself or gave me anxious feelings?! And after going through this pile, I also realized that “trendy” items give me anxiety because after their time to shine has passed, I no longer felt confident wearing them.

But the joy emotion made me realize that I tend to buy the same things over and over again….IN A GOOD WAY! I don’t mean that I was buying duplicate items, but instead, I was buying things that made me feel happy about myself….like great fitting denim, blazers with sharp shoulders, v-neck silhouettes that make me feel a little bit more sexy that normal, and items that are CLASSIC.

Today’s outfit might not be out of the box, or over the top, or unique in the least….but it does show one thing that always give gives me confidence and is always in style: JOY!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Denean

    I just did the same thing this weekend. It felt so good to get rid of things that didn’t suit me or bring me joy and your outfit is on point!!