What I Do When My Skin Freaks Out

Between testing new products for research & development purposes, heat rashes, or just flat out allergic reactions, my skin has been through the ringer a time or two.

And while its a less than desirable situation that I wouldn’t wish upon ANYONE, there are a couple of best practices I have learned to help minimize the damage as well as shorten the length of disastrous skin! (NOTE: I am not a dermatologist. I am not an esthetician. What I am sharing is what works for me and is a roundup of suggestions, advice, and ideas that have worked for my sensitive skin over the years. If you think you have a severe skin issue, I would suggest contacting a dermatologist for a consultation FIRST.)

Here’s some of my HOT TIPS & TRICKS for when my skin freaks out:

-Try your hardest not to wear any makeup! Its essential to let your skin breathe, and that’s nearly impossible when you are layering on cosmetics. If you don’t have the luxury to go makeup free for a couple days, I would suggest ensuring that what you are putting on your face is CLEAN BEAUTY ONLY…aka free from parabens, sulfates, chemicals, fragrances….aka NO BAD STUFF!

-Remove anything abrasive from your skincare routine. This includes any type of acidic product, exfoliators, or active serums. During this time, I limit my skincare to a gentle cleanser & a gentle moisturizer. You want your skin to be protected and hydrated during the day, so look for something that has a moisture barrier, like Skinceuticals Epidermal Repair (this is also what I use post laser when my skin is healing!) or Cerave Healing Ointment.

-If I am trying to dry out my skin because it is inflamed from a heat rash or an allergic reaction, I reach for Cortizone to help move this process along. Cortizone also helps reduces bumps, redness, & itchiness, which is usually a big issue when I have an allergic reaction.

-Stay away from anything warm on your face. Cold water & compresses will help with the itching and the irritation….any type of heat will inflame even more. And sorry, this includes working out, too! Sweat is a bad, bad idea!

-Make a list of everything have put on your skin within the last 48 hours & try to discover who the culprit is that broke out your skin! Don’t assume its a skincare product…..sometimes I have had reactions to a change in shampoo, conditioner, and even laundry detergent. After a recent trip to Mexico, I had a horrible reaction and hadn’t changed a thing, but after a little research, I realized that it was a heat rash that was brought on the change in climate!

And don’t pick at your face and BE PATIENT! Follow these steps and your problem area should clear up within 48 hours or so! Note: If whatever freak out your skin has had doesn’t disappear within 48 hours, call your dermatologist! You might need the help of the big guns, like a metro cream, a prescription, or even a steroid shot….I’ve used them all and THEY WORK WONDERS! Sometimes it’s best to get the help of a doctor…but give it a shot at home first!