Walmart Beauty Steals, Deals, & Dupes, September 2020

A couple days ago on stories, I mentioned that I really hit the jackpot during my monthly Walmart trip….umm, hello $9 wine!

Aside from the massive wine sale that I stumbled upon, I also found some beauty items that my hair, skin, & body just can’t live without! One thing I will say when it comes to Walmart is that they’ve done a great job with the variety of products & price-points in their beauty department! Not only can I stock up on those drugstore faves, but now I can also purchase some of my favorite products like Shimmer Lights purple shampoo & even PCA Skin! And if you are shopping online, they’ve made it so easy to navigate, whether you are looking for fall makeup colors, mindful beauty, dermatologist recommended items, or even Walmart exclusives!

Okay, so here’s a quick run down of what landed in my cart this trip:

Burt’s Bees Chapstick, $9: If I had a dollar every time Kyle asked if I had some chapstick, I could easily start a small retirement savings account. I saw this 4-pack and thought this was an answer to chapsticks prayers….now Kyle can keep one in his car, one on his nightstand, one on his desk, and one in the kitchen…and he can also say goodbye to chapped lips because this 100% natural formula has a cult following for a reason!

Laura Geller Gilded Honey Best Sellers, $27: I’ve loved the Gilded Honey collection from Laura Geller since I was introduced to it back in 2016. This lipgloss is a HOLY GRAIL item for me (you might remember when my mom bought 6 tubes of it 2 years ago and filled my Christmas stocking with it?!) and the color is a neutral gold shimmer that works on any skin tone! This 3-piece set is a steal because sold separately it would sell for $80!

Equate Beauty Brush Cleaning Set, $7.98: Consider this as your friendly reminder to CLEAN YOUR MAKUP BRUSHES! And when you can find this little inexpensive set, you seriously have NO EXCUSES. This rubber bowl is so handy because you simply place it in your sink and you can swipe your brush back and forth across the textured grooves and clean your brushes without making a mess!

Jason Vitamin E Body Oil, $7: If we are being completely honest, I’ve really never met a body oil that I didn’t love. The problem with my body oil obsession is that it can get quite expensive with how quickly I go through it. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this one….considering how cheap it is! It also comes in a travel size bottle which is an added bonus!

REN Moroccan Rose Gold Oil, $41: After raving about my favorite $7 oil, did I need this? Most definitely not, but I was curious about “dry oil” paired with “plant derivatives!” This is research, and I owe it to ya’ll to try it out, don’t I? DON’T I?!

Hairitage Texturizing Powder, $7: If you are ever trying to achieve a messy, full pony or tousled, textured braids, then this powder might be the magic trick! It gives your hair a little more grit, so the style stays in place a has a little more grit & grip!

Equate Beauty Blending Sponges, Hot Pink $1.94: YOU HAD ME AT UNDER $2 SPONGE! So, I will 1000% vouch for these, as they are a re-occuring purchase for me! The first time I bought them I had VERY LOW expectations, as I was use to using a $20 BRAND NAME blending sponge…you know the one 😉 But these are just as good, and for those of you who are concerned about the quality, well, not only are they loaded with Vitamin E, but they are also latex-free!! (FYI, these Equate Beauty marble, charcoal-infused sponges that are pictured above are IN STORE ONLY!)

RoC Resurfacing Pads, $11.50: If you know, you know. These have been in my morning routine for quite some time. Splash your face with cold water and then use the soft side to wipe off any nighttime skincare and then the textured side for a gentle exfoliation! Love that it’s a simple multi-tasker!

Cleen Vitamin C & Papaya Glow Serum, $9: The second you combine the words Vitamin C & glow, you’ve immediately got my attention! Always look for new inexpensive options to share with y’all, especially if they are effective AND clean! I will definitely report back!

What beauty items are always in your shopping cart during your trips to Walmart?! Let us know in the comments below!

*A special thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this creative content!