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Dress: Line & Dot; Sandals: Zigi; Clutch: Danielle Nicole; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (and on SALE!); Uptown Ring to Wrist Bracelet: Courtney Kerr x Gorjana, LAUNCHES MAY 12!; Nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp

When asked to describe myself, there are a handful of adjectives that quickly come to mind…

Quirky, yes.

Over the Top, yes.

Confident, yes.

Cool….definitely not.

Cool would be how I would describe the effortless gals in Austin, TX (which I why I could never live there). Cool is the description of the people who throw outfits on and manage to ward off any suspicions that they laid out their clothes the nights before in a planning moment.  Cool is something I will never be.  I am an over thinker, a planner, a preparation needer, and in some capacities, pretty dorky when it comes to my silly idiosyncricies.

When Gorjana and I met for one of our design meetings about our upcoming collaboration, we tossed around the idea of these cool rings that attach to bracelets and have chains draping across the wrist.  I immediately shut her down and said…”No, no, no….I am totally not cool enough to pull that off….despite how much I love the look of them.” Gorjana asked me, “Well, what elements could it have for you to wear it?” And the list went something like this:

  • Needs to have function ability…meaning, there is no way in hell that I can fasten a bracelet with one hand while strings of metal are draped across my wrist.  I can barely fasten a necklace with 2 hands.  Needs to be easy to take on an off  (Practical Courtney talking.)
  • Needs to be dainty and understated…it can’t come off as if you are trying to hard to be cool (even though you are totally trying to be cool)
  • Needs to be a piece that girls like me, who are ‘fairly’ normal, would throw on with any outfit…from daytime to nighttime and everything in between.

And when this sample (pictured above) came in the mail of the final product….I knew Gorjana understood every word I had said.

Thank you Gorjana, for finally making me feel “cool” when I slip this piece on.

Ps. Don’t forget to sign up for exclusive info about the upcoming Courtney x Gorjana launch happening May 12! Click here to get on the list!


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  • Cheri @ Overactive Blogger

    Omg, I love the way that color looks against your skin! That dress is killer!

  • Tana Cowin - Styled Society

    Lovely post! You are most definitely cool. Especially with the look you are so effortlessly displaying in this post. The dress is cool, bohemian and fabulous! Paired with those amazing gladiator sandals ties the whole ensemble together making it absolutely divine!

    I cannot wait to browse through your line with Gorjana 🙂


  • Alyson

    Just came across your blog and now I’m so hooked! Can’t wait to see you new line 🙂

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  • Vera Sawicki

    The color of your dress is breathtaking!!


  • Chelsea Pearl

    OMG, this look is everything! The jewelry is gorgeous, and I just can’t get enough of that dress! Perfect match with those gladiator sandals and bright Ray Bans. Can’t wait to see more of the line.

  • Kerri

    Seriously… That dress is amazing!!

  • Elissa

    Love the dress on you! But gurrrrl those sandals are too big for your calves. Maybe see if a cobbler can make them tighter?

  • Huong

    Oh, you’re cool enough, Courtney. Trust me! Not everyone can rock outfits like this and I await the day you rock this color again with some neutral accents, like you know, leopard?! 😉

  • sasa

    wow love the neon color! Such a beautiful dress <3

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  • Berty Morales

    Oh my, in love with that dress and adoring those gladiators!

  • Tarah

    I saw that picture of the bracelet before reading on & thought to myself “I could totally wear that!” Great job to you both for designing an awesome, everyday piece of jewelry we can all wear!

  • courtney

    That neon dress is gorgeous and I love your clutch!


  • Christina

    The color is fantastic! Especially paired with your accessories! Great post 🙂


  • Elizabeth

    I totally understand the being uncool thing! I need structure but style too!


  • Olga

    This dress is sold out! 🙁 I want it! I really love your style!

  • Susanne

    Are you tanning!

    • Courtney

      No, its a spray tan courtesy of Simply Glowing in Dallas! I get one every Friday!

  • Stay Styled OC

    I love that this is over the top! The dress looks great on you. Perfect way to stand out. And you’re TOTALLY cool!

    Stay Styled,



  • Melissa

    This color is stunning on you!

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  • Madi Brown

    Madi Brown thinks that Courtney looks like a neon fashion cloud in the best kind of way.
    For Reals, and Love you the most,
    Madi Brown


  • Samantha

    I’ve been desperately searching for this Line and Dot dress in a more muted green, and everywhere it is sold out! I love the lime green but I can’t seem to get the other color off my mind for spring and summer!

  • Kaitlyn Hammond

    YOUR HAIR IS PERFECT! Please please please do a hair tutorial.
    Looking forward to shopping your Gorjana collaboration.

  • ashley winter

    Hey Courtney – I want to buy the ray bans – but I went to the website and I can’t figure out if yours are the green or blue. Can you please let me know which color you are wearing here? In the top pic they look green, but then from the side blue…..

    Ashley :o)


    Hey Courtney,
    I have been watching your show and I wonder why I never went to check out your blog before but I just did and I just wanted to say that I love you. Your style and the way you carry yourself are just awesome. keep doing what you are doing. I am sure you probably have a billion comments an e-mails a day and I am not sure if you would even read this but People always take the time to complain about things and say negative things but I wanted to take the time to actually tell you how great you are and encourage you. You rock

  • Sarah

    Congrats on your new Courtney Kerr Gorjana collection. Thanks for being a Texan fashionista I can look up too!
    <3 Texas

  • Hilary

    Beautiful dress! That color is so dope. I’ve really been feelin yellow lately.