VIDEO: Walmart Haul, January 2020

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If there’s 2 things from my content that y’all loved HARDCORE in 2019, it was WALMART & HAULS. 

So for my first video of 2020, why not merge the 2 and start the year off with a bang?! 

Last fall, I began a partnership with Walmart Beauty and I am so excited to continue finding the best of the best from Walmart’s beauty department in 2020. Not only is it a great place that I’ve discovered exact dupes for makeup that I would normally spend an arm & a leg for at department stores, but Walmart is also now a destination for quality clean beauty products & wellness items! 

Earlier this month, I walked into my favorite Walmart here in Dallas, and, unintentionally, left with QUITE THE HAUL! From exclusive Walmart clean beauty brands, to vegan vitamin gummies, and travel size favorites, it’s safe to say that I hit the Walmart jackpot this month! 

*A special thank you to Walmart for continuing our partnership into the new year & sponsoring this creative content!

  • Steph

    THANK YOU for this!! I live in a mountain resort town and our two big shops are Walmart ( like the nicest Walmart in the country) and Costco. Amazon Prime is my best friend, but I have been slowly getting more and more products at Walmart. So please keep doing these!!! Love to hear your opinions on beauty products. 🙂