VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Quickly Apply False Lashes

Ardell Demi Wispies Studio Effects // DUO Lash Adhesive in Black // Club Monaco Tee (comes in 4 colors & I have them ALL!) // All the Wire Prayer Locket // Gorjana Earrings // Black Headband

It’s almost as if this topic is consistently on repeat….

…Do you wear lash extensions? What kindof strip lashes are those? Do you use black glue? Do you wear them everyday? How do you put them on so they look so natural?

I did a video about my lashes about 3 years ago, and while not much in my technique has changed, I wanted to update yall with a new, fresh video to reference!

When we filmed it, I thought I answered all the questions, but here are a few I forgot to mention:

How many times do you wear each strip lash?  Typically, a pair can last me about a week or so…but it just depends on when they start looking grungy. They will get makeup residue on them if they touch your eyelids….BUT DO NOT WET THEM…instead, just run a fresh, light coat of mascara over them to make them black again.

Do you trim the lashes? Each pair is SO different so it’s gonna vary between each set. The Ardell Demi Wispies fit the length of my eyelid perfectly, which is another reason I wear them more frequently.

Do I need to spend a ton of money on MINK lashes or ones from the department stores? HELL NO. I have LITERALLY tried almost every pair on the market and I continue to return back to the drugstore every single time to get the old faithful pairs that I know I love. In my opinion, I honestly HATE the mink lashes…..reason being is because they tend to be heavier, which makes the actual strip they are on thicker….which you can see…so to me, they look less natural. I prefer strip lashes that are held with a clear strip versus the thick black band.

Any other questions I might have forgotten? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

  • Jane

    Love you!!! More more more!!!!

  • Heather

    Love you…love your lip color! What brand/color are you wearing in this photo/video? Thanks

  • Sasha

    Do you use eyeliner also? If so, do you apply it before or after the eyelashes? Thanks for the great tutorial!

    • Courtney

      NO eyeliner! It will make your eyes look smaller!

      • Kathleen

        What is the lip color you are wearing

  • Jenni Theis

    I’ve always heard you also should do a coat of mascara AFTER applying the lashes to get them to stick with your real lashes, but you didn’t do that. Why not?

  • Victoria

    How long will each set of lashes typically last for you?

  • Andie

    How do you clean them for future uses, or do youUse a new pair each time?

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    What do you use to remove the excess glue on your eyelids? thanks for the tutorial.