VIDEO: Pre-Quarantine Amazon Favorites

Pointed Toe Clear High Heeled Sandals // Nutribullet Smoothie Replacement Cups // Airstik Phone Cradle // zeroUV Black Oversized Round Sunglasses // Celine Knockoff Sunglasses // The Drop Sweatshirt Dress // Levi Jeans // Core10 High-Waist 7/8 Length Leopard Leggings // Core 10 High-Waist Full Length Black Leggings // Open Book by Jessica Simpson // Courtney’s Sweater 

Have your Amazon purchases shifted quite a bit over the last month, or is it just me?!

I secretly miss the days where Amazon was my escape…you know, the place where you went to buy random items and then they magically appeared on your doorstep in 48 hours! It feels like now everything I buy on amazon serves a purpose…I miss the old days, don’t you?!

Well, in today’s video I am sharing some of my favorite pre-quarantine purchases and reminiscing about the old days!

Ps. Here is a link to THE DROP so you can be notified when they launch new collections! And see my last Amazon haul HERE!

  • Joshua Robertson

    Now shopping on Amazon because of this post ! Lol