VIDEO: Pampering Your Pet with Purina ProPlan

*Sponsored by Purina ProPlan & Amazon

By now y’all know that I only share the best of the best when it comes to  anything PAMPERING!

Well in today’s video, we are mixing things up a little bit and my four legged BFF, Fancy, as she is joining me while I talk all about “KERRentlyPampering” your pet with the best probiotics from Purina ProPlan!

Purina is 100% dedicated to ensuring that your pet lives it’s absolute best life…and ironically, Fancy is all about living HER best life, too! Whether it’s lounging around in my high rise, taking multiple walks a day, playing fetch, or getting lots of kisses, she’s all about LOVE & ATTENTION….which I’m certain is your pet is too! So, choosing the right food to accommodate her over the top, “Fancy” lifestyle one of my most important decisions! And because I spend so much time dedicated to educating myself and y’all about products I use and share…I think it’s time we do the same for our pets, right?!

I think the most important thing to know about Purina is that their goal is to give each pet their best life through the power of nutrition! They know how special a mealtime experience is to Fancy…I mean, we love eating around here!! They work with scientists, and nutritionists, and vets to help every dog feel energetic, maintain a healthy body & skin & coat…no matter the dogs age. And because I assume if my 37 year old body needs the benefits of live probiotics, then Fancy, who’s almost 9 (aka, 63 in dog years!) definitely does too! And Purina ProPlan has made it easy for Fancy to get probiotics in her daily meals with their new SAVOR dry dog food formulas!

So what exactly are probiotics & why does Fancy need them?!

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts, have a health benefit to your pet, and the probiotics that are found in select dry Purina Pro Plan SAVOR formulas can exert a positive impact on digestive health by balancing the levels of bacteria in your pet’s intestines! When I initially began Fancy on the Purina ProPlan Savor probiotic formula, I transitioned her for about a month. Based on how quickly she gobbled up the tender meaty pieces, I knew it was gonna be a hit…which made me feel so good about my choice to switch her food to Purina ProPlan SAVOR!

Click below to watch today’s video featuring Fancy alongside Purina ProPlan SAVOR! Fancy HAMS IT UP and gets a little offended when I mention her age on camera….all these years and she still hasn’t tuned me out?!

*Purina ProPlan SAVOR with probiotics is only offered in select savor dry dog food formulas & will launching throughout the summer. Thank you to Purina for making Fancy’s nutrition such a priority & for sponsoring this dedicated video & post!

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