VIDEO: Influencing the Influencer

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum // Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer // Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist // Laura Mercier Matte Lipstick in Clique // Laura Mercier Matte Lipstick in Fresh // Tula Treatment Pads // Giorgio Armana Luminous Silk Foundation

Can anyone turn a corner without bumping into an influencer these days?!

Not gonna lie, sometimes I even getting sick of myself….always sharing new products that I love, teaching y’all about my favorite skincare techniques, & getting all done up & capturing a photo of it. CAN’T YOU INFLUENCERS (myself included!) JUST SHUT THE HELL UP?!

But then if we stopped talking, how would everyone else learn about what’s new & trending?! Even myself, an influencer of almost 10 years, is easily influenced by what I see on the internet….yes, even the INFLUENCERS GET INFLUENCED…so in my latest YouTube series, I am sharing a couple gals that I follow on Instagram & the products they shared that I was eager to scoop up!

  • Takara Truong

    You have influenced me to buy so many products, and I’m not complaining! My skin is definitely happier and glowy-er! (I love glowy and dewy products as I have really dry skin) And yes I was 100% influenced to buy the hydrating mask from Colleen Rothschild. This is a great category, though I already watch every video you post. I have been looking at the Giorgio Armani foundation for a long time but haven’t pulled the trigger because of price but my makeup artist used it for my wedding on me and I LOVED it, there is a good chance I will be buying it very soon. Thank you for your continued “service” as a product guinea pig!

  • Katie

    Hi there! Can you tell me where you got your bracelet that you are wearing on your right arm? Thanks