VIDEO: How Trunk Club Gets Me Ready For Any Occasion

“What’s the occasion?!”

Well, getting dressed every single day can be an occasion if you let it! And anytime Trunk Club is involved, you’re bound to be dressed fabulously! For me personally, the fall season always comes out of nowhere & hits me like a ton of bricks! Around the middle of August, I freak out because fall is almost here….and BAM! HOW IS ALREADY THE FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER?! And with the fall season, as you know, schedules fill up faster than the leaves fall! From weekly work travel, to cocktail events, to baby showers, & even date nights, I NEED LOTS OF OUTFITS….and outfits with variety!

That’s where my Trunk Club stylist, Megan, always saves the day! When you have no free time to shop or zero desire to scour the internet, Trunk Club does it for you! For this particular Trunk, I literally came to her with a checklist: Irish-themed baby shower outfit, a cocktail dress that could be worn to several upcoming events (different crowds + same dress = jackpot!), & chic everyday pieces that could mix & match with staples I already own & be worn for work meetings, airplanes, or date nights! Megan went to work, and before shipping my Trunk, I was able to see the pieces Megan was sending via the Trunk Club app!

The Trunk arrived….I LOVED EVERYTHING, like I always do…and decided what I couldn’t live without! I settled on some bodysuits, an adorable denim skirt, a pair of sunnies that I knew would get good use in California, & the most gorgeous silk dress that fit me like a glove! Since Trunk Club is a Nordstrom owned company, your stylist has access to the best brands & a wide range of price points….so exactly what you need is exactly what you get!

So let me rephrase my question….

“What’s the occasion that Trunk Club can style you for?!”

*I am so excited to be a Trunk Club Ambassador for the remainder of 2018 & share how their styling service makes my life easier! Thank you, Trunk Club, for sponsoring this post!