VIDEO: How To Use a High Frequency Wand

High Frequency Wand (so it appears that the EXACT WAND I have is sold out, but the brand has released a new, updated model with more attachments!) Old Wand HERE, New Wand HERE // Vintner’s Daughter Serum // Colleen Rothschild No.9 Face Oil // Laniege Lip Mask // Leopard Terry Cloth Headband

I know it looks like vibrator, but trust me….THIS IS FOR YOUR SKIN!

I’ve done a brief IGTV about this device, but since there are so many questions surrounding the high frequency wand, I felt like it needed its own dedicated YouTube video!

SO….What is it? What does it do? Does it hurt? How frequently can I use it? In today’s video I am answering EVERYTHING you need to know and showing you exactly how I use it in my daily skincare routine. I really tried to touch on every possible question that y’all might have, so please watch till the end….and if there is still a question that I didn’t touch on, please leave it in the comments below!

  • Danielle G

    Will this dry out my super dry winter skin? Is it more of a tool for acne prone skin? I have very dry skin w rosacea and minimal break outs! PS this tool has been sitting in my amazon cart for 2 months – thanks for doing a tutorial!

    • Courtney

      My version of winter skin is dry but inflamed with rosacea and thats where this is a game changer! In the summer months I am more prone to hormonal breakouts and weather related pimples!

  • Skhan

    Thanks for going into detail about this! I bought this when you mentioned it on IGTV.
    Just a couple of questions:
    – how often do you use it?
    – from your experience, is it better to use during the day or at night?
    – do you change any of your normal skincare routine after using this?

    • Courtney

      1. When my skin is inflamed I use it every night, but once it clears up I go to every other night. 2. NIGHT! 3. I keep routine the same!

  • amy

    this wand saved me going through fertility treatments and all the hormones and then eventually, pregnancy. couldn’t use my standard products anymore and was left with not many options except for really expensive stuff. this wand cleared up acne that more expensive products couldn’t touch (and i tried a lot of stuff – from my aesthetician and sephora and department stores).

    • Katherine

      Is dabbing the wand across your face the technique that is recommended or can you just hold and slide it across your skin? Thanks!

      • Courtney

        The dabbing works better because it sparks the argon gas everytime you pick up the wand!

  • Mary

    I have one of these and read the manual online- I thought it said to drag the wand without picking it up in zig zag patterns across your face. This looks easier

  • Madi

    I have extremely oily skin and acne prone skin at 24 years old (mainly due to my hormones having a mind of their own). I’m curious how often should I use this wand/ how many times a week?

    • Courtney

      I would try it every night if your skin is more oily because it will help dry out the oily/inflammation prone skin!

  • Taylor Biddle

    When you say use it consistently, how many days a week would you say is consistent?

    • Courtney

      You can use to every day or consistently as long as youre having a breakout!

  • katie

    Hi Courtney. Love your videos. I normally use this on dry skin, but I want to try a serum like you showed. Can you recommend a dupe for Vitners daughter?

    • Courtney

      Have you tried Colleen Rothschild Face Oil No9? Its amazing!

  • Janet Grant

    Does it effect Botox if you have it. Would it make the Botox wear off faster?

    • Courtney

      Its safe to use with botox and I havent seen it wear off my botox any quicker!

  • Kim

    If this stimulates hair growth on your scalp…..does it stimulate hair growth on your face ?!

  • Andréa B.

    Hello!! You’re one of my favorite fashionistas! I wanted to know how often I should use this? Every night? Every other night? My skin has recently changed from pretty descent to now acne prone. I went to my derm and she said sometimes your skin goes through hormonal changes. Go figure. She put me on a pea size of retin A every night and I want to make sure I don’t over do it if I include the wand. Please advise. Thanks!!

    • Courtney

      You can use it every night! I switch to every other night once my skin is under control!

  • Jen

    Hi! Thanks so much for the tutorial! Question, I use a low does of SkinCeuticals Retionl at night would I put that on before or after using the wand?

    • Courtney

      I would do retinol before because the wand helps close your pores!

  • April Harbert

    I love my wand!! Thank you so much for introducing it! Do you ever clean the attachments and if so, what do you use?

  • pam boyd

    Do you have to remove your wedding ring to use the device? Can the device be used in conjunction with a red light therapy device (Lightstim). Will it be too drying for combination aging skin? Have you ever had any problems with hyperpigmentation staying from the breakouts that you have treated? Do you use the “sparking” technique to treat breakouts? Can you use a gycolic toner after using this device?

    • Courtney

      1. No i do not remove my rings. 2. I would alternate every other night with the Lightstim. 3. I have havent found it to be too drying…maybe just use it on the oily areas. 4. I havent had hyperpigmentation issues, but I also religiously use sunscreen to prevent that problem. 5. Yes the sparking which is where I show me dabbibg the wand against my skin! 6. I would do the glycolic before the wand because the wand will help seal the pores! Hope all that helped!

  • Jenna

    Hi! Thanks for this! I do a nightly routine of glycolic acid serum, hydrating serum, face oil, and moisturizer – would you recommend doing this before or after that routine?

    • Courtney

      I would do it between the oil and moisturizer!

  • Stephanie

    Do you prefer the old or new wand?

    • Courtney

      Honestly, they do the exact same thing so tomayto, tomahto!