VIDEO: How to Style a High Ponytail!

Dyson Teasing Comb // Hairbrush // Clips // R+Co Hairspray // Kerastase Volumizing Spray // Hairitage Styling Powder // Black Short Sleeve Turtleneck // Gold Hoops

Did you know that the most perfect high ponytail can basically give you a free face lift?! Yep, its true.

In this week’s video I am sharing all my best tips when it comes to my messy high ponytail that I frequently wear when my hair is super dirty!

Here’s a breakdown of what is covered in this video:

1)How to hide your extensions in a ponytail (FYI: If you don’t have extensions and are impatient, you can fast forward to 3:40 )

2)How the angle of your face affects your ponytail placement

3) How ponytail placement gives you a free face lift

4) Why 2 loose rubberbands are better than one super tight one

5) How to get rid of bumps when you hair is already in a perfect ponytail!

Also, at 5:16 the video cuts out but starts again right before I explain how to make your ponytail super teased (don’t worry you didn’t miss anything!

  • Dana McMahon

    What happens if you have wispys around your forehead? I can’t get those to stay down and then it looks like I have horns!

    • Courtney

      Does hairspray or a pommade not settle them down? I would just spray them down, or embrace them!!!