VIDEO: How to Revive Workout Hair

Cropped Hoodie Sweatshirt // Detox Dry Shampoo // Kitsch Silk Scrunchie (comes in a pack of 5) // Oribe Dry Shampoo // Hot Tools Curling Iron // Babybliss Flatiron

Need an excuse to get out of a workout? Try: “I just washed my hair.”

We all understand…..that fresh feeling of clean hair that will last you the next 3-4 days…but one spin class can ruin it all! But what if I told you that I figured out how to to revive workout hair so that you can extend your blowout even longer?! Yep, its true. I’ve figured out what works for my hair and I am spilling the details in this week’s video!

How do you revive your hair after a sweaty workout?! Share your tips in the comments below!

  • Kori

    I also have fine, thick hair! Always come home and wash, but I’m trying this tomorrow!! Fingers crossed!!

  • Amy

    Ummmm. Hi! Hello? Yes!! I’m a fellow fine-haired but lots of it gal. There must be a zeitgeist happening bc I recently discovered the same trick (dry shampoo pre-workout). I use IGK’s First Class Dry shampoo and it absorbs the sweaty mess. . I haven’t found a good scrunchie/hair clip situation bc they all end up coming loose mid-ride so I have to tighten them up. Thanks for always sharing such great content!

  • Jordan

    I typically say screw if and wash it, but you better believe I’m trying this method next! I’ll keep ya posted. 🙂



  • melissa

    How does your hair not fall out of the scrunchie when working out??? I have to make my ponytail/bun super tight or I’m dealing with my hair falling all over the place for my whole workout!

  • Angela

    Love this!! I have seriously always wondered how other girls go several days without washing their hair when they work out! Thank you thank you! 🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Chelsea

    LivingProof dry shampoo is the absolute best for this!
    It Actually cleans your hair!
    Courtney you should try it and do a post to compare!

  • Julie

    Needed this. Thank you…! Legit use all your videos to keep my life in check. Appreciate you and the videos…!

  • Laura

    LOVE the revival of the scrunchie. Solid hair workout plan. I also adore Rockoholic dry shampoo by TIGI Bed head. Does the trick! Thx for the tips.