VIDEO: How to Refresh Your Curls

Drybar Brush // Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo // Colleen Rothschild Smoothing Oil Serum // Glamsquad Beach Salt Spray // Kerastase VIP Volumizing Spray // Enjoy Hairspray // Kristin Ess Curling Wand // n:p Beautiful Flatiron // AE Striped T-shirt // Apple Watch Band // Eyeshadow Palette

Trying to get your curls to last a little longer and avoid having to wash your hair for sake of saving your blowout?!

Whether you’ve worked out, slept on your curls, or are just lazy (like me!) and hate having to start from the beginning with clean hair, here are my favorite tips & tricks for helping revive & refresh your curls! And during this time while lots of us are working from home, it’s a great opportunity to practice new curling techniques!

  • Lauren C

    You’re adorable. Love these product recs! One thing I like (not sure if it’s a hot tip), but love the Silk hair ties bc they don’t leave creases in my hair, so I can pull it back and then let it out later and it still looks the same!

  • Savannah

    Love this video. Going to go revive my quarantine curls right now!
    Sleeping in a loose bun helps keep my curls alive and avoids that infamous “pillow spot”.

  • Jennifer


    I am a nurse and I have been working SO much the last few weeks! I am exhausted and with everything being so serious and a constant stream of updates about Covid-19, your video was a much needed breath of fresh air. It was helpful, carefree, funny, and I just want to have something like this to look forward to when I get home. I have been a longtime follower and love your insight into all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Please keep posting during this stressful time.