VIDEO: How to Hide Your Extensions in a Ponytail

Drybar Detox // Living Proof Full Volume Blast // IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray // R + Co Voluminous Hairspray // Green Sweater

Sometimes the worst part about having fake hair is that you aren’t quite sure how to hide the evidence!

If you’ve got extensions, you understand the struggle when it comes to disguising them into a slicked back ponytail! After having extensions regularly for about the last 9 months, I have found a method that works for me when it comes to hiding my tracks, & I am sharing it in my latest YouTube tutorial!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any secret tricks for hiding your weave!

  • Pamela Barrett

    I stumbled across this one day and it works like a charm I take a natural bristled large round brush and brush up my sides (I’m growing mine out to, so not a whole lot there) but this trick works pretty darn good! 🙂