VIDEO: How to Give Yourself an At-Home Facial

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Raise your hand if you could use an amazing facial right about now?!

Well, if you’ve ever experienced the magic of a HydraFacial, then you also probably know how expensive they can be! While I would love to treat myself to a facial once a week, it’s just not in the budget! But right now, while we are all under self-quarantine, its a great time to give ourselves a little self-love & self-care while our skin reaps the benefits! Be sure to watch the video for all the hot tips, but here are some quick details to note:

-Consider this your facial steamer PSA: Yes, the one I have featured is $150….but to be fair, it was on my Christmas list, so thanks MOM! While there are plenty of other steamers on the market (and I know because I have tested a good handful of them) the biggest issue I have with the cheaper ones is safety. WE ARE DEALING WITH PIPING HOT WATER, LADIES. This is not the time to get a burn because the water splashes out and burns the delicate skin on your face. HOME TIP: You could actually boil water on the stovetop and use that steam….just please be careful for splashing! I explain all this in more detail in the video!

-The 4 at home facial steps: 1) Cleanse your skin…I actually prefer a double cleanse!, 2) Exfoliate or peel (I break down all your options in the video!), 3) Treat with a serum of choice depending on what your skin needs, 4) Moisturize!

Let me know in the comments how you have been treating yourself with self-care during this extra time spent at home!

  • Allison

    Why do you press your serums in to your skin rather then rub? I’ve noticed that in a lot of your videos and stores.

  • Katy

    Great post!
    So how often do you do the home facial?
    And how often do you do the micro needling and high frequency wand?
    Thanks so much. Follow you religiously! You rock!