VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About SPF

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We have officially arrived into the warm, sunny summer months, so I hope SPF is on the top of your shopping list when it comes to your summer vacation & travel! As someone who has dealt with a mother who had skin cancer (alongside reconstructive plastic surgery on her face!), SPF has become a non-negotiable in my daily beauty routine. I felt like it was important to dedicate an entire video to everything you need to know about SPF, PLUS all the different products that are available that include SPF!

Ps. In the video I reference 2 blog posts: Find the one about Foundations with SPF HERE and the one about Unseen Sunscreen HERE!

  • Amy Brox

    First off I love everything you do, but I did want to add some info on SPF. I am a Master Esthetician, and educate people on SFP. The one point I want to add is the number on the front is important! The number indicates how long you can stay in full sun exposure. It also has to do with your temperature. Once your outside skin raises the active ingredients in SPF expire, so this is why the number is important and why you have to reapply. Also keeping SPF cool is important. Keep them in a cooler or a glass of ice, if you leave them out in the sun, the product heats up and again the active ingredients will expire quicker, and this leads to the product not protecting your skin. These points are very important. I hope I helped some.

    • Courtney

      Such great information! Thank you so much!

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