VIDEO: Collagen 101

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Did you know that once you hit your 30’s that you STOP producing as much collagen as you did when you were younger?! Its quite sad, I know, but thankfully there is plenty you can do to supplement the collagen loss that you are suffering as you get older! In today’s video, I am not only sharing WHY YOU NEED collagen in your body & WHAT IT DOES, but I am also sharing several options you can take in replenishing your daily collagen supply!

  • Jaime

    So what does collagen do for your diet? Or are there even any benefits? I see it all over health blogs and site now that it also helps with digestion? Is that right? It’s so hard to tell what is for real and what is just hype. 🙂

  • Cicero Leather

    Is collagen really useful or just advertising. can i believe it