VIDEO: Answering Your Assumptions About Me!

Sweater: Bop Basics // Sweatpants: Sundry // Watch Band: Amazon

Every once and awhile I like to mix things up on my channel and post something that has nothing to do with style or skincare or beauty….and this week’s video might actually be one of my favorites of all time!

A couple of weeks back on Instagram I asked for your feedback in regards to what assumptions you had about me! Some of the answers were funny, some were spot on, and some were just downright insulting! I compiled a list of the most asked & the most outrageous and I am answering them RIGHT NOW! From “you were born into money,” to “you never want to get married,” and even “you’ve had multiple face lifts,” y’all, these were hilarious to respond to!

*Photos & video by Danielle Sabol

  • Christina

    You answered the height question but never told us your height! 🙈

    • Angie

      Right?!! We’re waiting Kerr!!!!

  • Meg

    I love your videos and content. You were so nice to me when I met you years ago at the Apple store on Knox. You were getting your mom a new phone and I was so mad bc I looked like crap and hoped I would be dressed if I ever met you. Haha I was so excited to meet you because I’ve been following for years. You were so sweet and kind. Cheers to many more years blogging and sharing your life with us. I’ve been loyal since day 1! So happy for Tori! You are next girl! Tell K to hurry and put a ring on it! Haha

  • Tatia

    Great video. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing with us.

  • Nicole

    Silly girl !!!

  • Yvonne

    Love how real you are, that you never allow the haters to get you down. I think when we get to a certain age in life we don’t care what others think of us because we know who we are and who our real friends are. Loved Courteney loves Dallas. Think you are one of the most honest influencers out there. Keep being you!! 💕