VIDEO: Answering Your Assumptions About Me!

Sweater: Bop Basics // Sweatpants: Sundry // Watch Band: Amazon

Every once and awhile I like to mix things up on my channel and post something that has nothing to do with style or skincare or beauty….and this week’s video might actually be one of my favorites of all time!

A couple of weeks back on Instagram I asked for your feedback in regards to what assumptions you had about me! Some of the answers were funny, some were spot on, and some were just downright insulting! I compiled a list of the most asked & the most outrageous and I am answering them RIGHT NOW! From “you were born into money,” to “you never want to get married,” and even “you’ve had multiple face lifts,” y’all, these were hilarious to respond to!

*Photos & video by Danielle Sabol