VIDEO: All Things Engagement with Diamonds Direct

You might have been waiting 5 months for this engagement & proposal blog post…..BUT I HAVE BEEN WAITING 38 YEARS TO WRITE IT!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably already know that my fiance, Kyle Noonan, asked me to marry him on his 40th birthday, April 2….and BOY, OY BOY, WAS I SURPRISED! (You can re-watch that IGTV of the proposal HERE!) That day was absolute magic, and thinking back on it, I’m not sure how he was able to pull one over on me, considering I am VERY NOSY! At the time, I assumed he was just being somewhat ancy & moody because it was such a big milestone birthday….and given the fact he had just temporarily closed 11 restaurants due to the COVID-19 “Shelter in Place” regulations! But little did I know, Mr. Noonan had something quite spectacular up his sleeve!

But enough about that….let’s get to the good stuff….LIKE DIAMONDS! Kyle “wowed” everybody when he proposed to me with the RING OF MY DREAMS from Diamonds Direct! Apparently, what began as a shopping day to purchase a watch for himself, ended with him seeing a yellow canary diamond that he knew would tickle my fancy and was EXACTLY WHAT I HAD ALWAYS DREAMED OF! Long story short, about a week later, Kyle had the the engagement ring….and held onto it FOR THREE MONTHS before popping the question!

OKAY, OKAY….I don’t want to give all the juicy details away here, because in true Courtney-fashion, I had to share the entire story in a video…because, ‘ya know, I can be quite the story teller….and THIS IS A STORY YOU WANT TO HEAR! And guess what?! There’s even a guest appearance from my handsome fiance, Kyle, and he’s giving the fellas some tips when it comes to the diamond buying process and how comfortable Diamonds Direct made him feel! And don’t worry ladies, I’ve got my ULTIMATE HOT TIP: It’s my sneaky way to get the EXACT diamond you’ve always wanted!

If you are unfamiliar with Diamonds Direct, then here’s what you need to know: They are a national jewelry company that cuts out the middleman & brings the diamonds straight to consumers! Why is that so important? Well, because it guarantees low prices for YOU! Currently, they have 19 locations nationwide, including the local Dallas location where Kyle bought my engagement ring! No local store near you? Don’t worry…no problem! They have a newly-minted online experience that lets you chat AND video chat with a diamond expert, bringing the amazing Diamonds Direct experience to you wherever you might be!

So, here’s the video you’ve all been waiting for…..ALL THINGS ENGAGEMENT with Diamonds Direct, and we are answering it all!

*A very special thank you to Diamonds Direct for being part of our memorable love story and for making Kyle feel so comfortable with the buying process! Thanks to you, I got the man and THE RING of my dreams!

  • Natalie

    I mean it’s about time. Thank you for sharing these intimate details with us! Congratulations and beautiful ring!

  • Docdivatraveller

    You guys are my favorite couple! Following you for 7 years now… All the best for the future 🥰🥰