Treat Yourself (& Your Skin!) with Colleen Rothschild


Beauty junkies….LISTEN UP! If there is anything we love, its indulging at a day at the spa WITHOUT ACTUALLY PAYING FOR THE SPA! Spa days can turn your entire mood around, allow you to feel relaxed & pampered…and let’s not forget to mention, your skin is always thankful!  But the one downer about spa days is that they can be a bit pricey to do on the regular! But who says you can’t #treatyourself in the privacy of your own home?!

We recently stumbled upon Dallas-based beauty brand, Colleen Rothschild, who’s changed the name of the game when it comes to luxury at-home skincare. Between the mask, the face oil, & the cleansing balm (oh, and let’s not forget the yummy smell!)….our skin has never been happier.

So when it comes to recreating an at-home spa day, here are the Colleen Rothschild products that we certainly can’t live without:


The Clarifying Detox Mask // Wanna know the quickest way to feel like your actually at the spa? Indulge in a mask that goes on with ease & washes away with the same amount of effort! The formala behind this mask is the activated charcoal combined with french kaolin clay & micronized silver. This trio goes straight to work detoxing your pores, while leaving behind a glowy complexion, & keeping bacteria at bay.

KERRently Loving // Know how most masks get yucky, gunky, & stiff against your face?! That’s not the case with this deep cleaning formula.

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The Radiant Cleansing Balm // This fan favorite is loved because of the experience that is tied to it! The yummy smell will immediately remind you of your favorite spa, plus encourage you to never forget washing your makeup off at night.The golden balm warms up in your dry hands when massaged between your fingers, then immediately dissolves into a luxurious oil. All your makeup…..YES, EVEN THE WATERPROOF MASCARA……will instantly dissolve. And when this balm is combined with the muslin cloth., well, its better than any facial you could actually pay for.

KERRently Loving // Know how foaming cleansers can get messy when you start splashing water all over your face? The balm/cloth combo allows for a quick, mess-free cleansing!

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The Beauty Water // Ever needed a product that could do a little bit of everything? Well, look no further than this miracle in a bottle. Whether your applying it under your moisturizer to prepare the skin, or using it to set your makeup, it’s undoubtedly going to keep your skin look refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. What are the magic miracle ingredients? Coconut water, hyaluronic acid, & watermelon extract are what give your skin that gorgeous glow.

KERRently Loving // Ever find your skin looking a little dull and crusty halfway through your day or after a flight?! Spritz this product onto your face and it’s basically an immediate wake-up call for your skin!


Face Oil No 9 // In our opinion, this is a golden magic elixir. Nine precious oils, such as marula & black seed, give this product the ability to deeply nourish damaged skin while also rapidly absorbing with no greasy residue left behind! The glow is the perfect partner to pair with your moisturizer at nighttime to give your skin some extra nourishment.

KERRently Loving // Been looking to achieve that dewy look with your foundation? Mix a couple drops of this with your favorite foundation…and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Ps. Need one more excuse to indulge in your very own at-home spa day?! Colleen Rothschild is offering 20% off the entire site from 5/24/16 through 6/24/16 with the code KERR20!

Photos by David Spector

*Thank you to Colleen Rothschild for giving us a spa day at home & making our skin feel luxurious with your products!