The Most Treasured Items in My Home

It’s the age old question: If your home caught on fire, what items would you be quickest to grab?! I would never want to wish this frantic, game time decision on anyone, but it definitely makes me think about what I value in my home!

During my years of fashion & beauty blogging, I have continually received questions about a home tour of my apartment that y’all often see on Instagram, and the number one question I get is about how I decorated my home! Did I work with a designer? Where did I buy things from? And THAT FAMOUS PALM PRINT BREAKFAST NOOK WALLPAPER, omg! Trust me, it was A LOT of work to create a space that appeared chic, glamorous, & totally feminine (hey, that’s the perk of not having to share it with a man!), but also felt warm, inviting, & cozy. Filling my apartment with typical decor was easy. Two lamps for a landing table: check, white linens for the bed: check, white sheepskin throw blankets: check. Finding those items was surprisingly painless, & the truth of the matter is that 90% of the items in my home are replaceable!

While the decor does play a role in the overall vibe of my home, the pieces that really make my home feel special & curated are family heirlooms, the hand-me-down gifts that I cried when I received, the treasures that I have scooped up along my travels, & the special purchases that hold sentimental value. These pieces give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, they put a smile on my face, & some of them are loaded with memories that date back to my childhood.

But what DOESN’T give me all the warm fuzzies inside is all the adulting anxiety that comes along with having a home! Whether it’s the wifi, or the cable, or the electricity, or the hooking everything up, or the installations, or the hanging the art, or the assembling furniture….whatever it may be, it’s not the cutest moment for me. (This is actually when a man comes in handy, right ladies?!) One of the most annoying, confusing, overwhelming, and quite frankly, big freaking expensive hassle that I used to dread was how to choose the right insurance protection. Thankfully, there’s Esurance, and if you’re not familiar with them, well, you should be! They make the “adulting task” of figuring out what type of insurance coverage your home needs surprisingly painless. They explain things so they are really easy to understand, and it’s all online & super simple to use! Esurance has affordable rates to take the sting out of crossing off “protecting what matters” (like your car & your home) from your “adulting” to-do-list!

Here are some of the treasured items in my home that make it feel so special:

Mimi’s Fur Coat: Read the blog post HERE about how she gave it to me and why I love it so much! It comes in very handy when I am traveling to Aspen, Europe, and NYC in the cold months!

My First Chanel Shoes (actually, they are my ONLY Chanel shoes): When I was interning at Neiman Marcus, I was privileged to the companywide 30% off discount. Considering this was my very first exposure to luxury items, I looked at everything as “A SALE!” I had never even had the opportunity to purchase Chanel, so when a pair in my size happened to go on clearance, I felt like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to own CHANEL! I scooped these heels up at the ripe price of $215 and I bragged about it to anyone who would listen. Actually, I still do.

Papa’s Cufflink Collection: You probably know by now that I LOVE white button down blouses so much! I especially love when I find one that needs cufflinks because I have a massive collection from my mother’s father! He passed away suddenly when I was only 2 years old so I don’t remember him, but I feel connected to him knowing that I own some of his most valued jewelry!

Vintage Designer Pieces: I’m not the type of gal who buys designer pieces “just to buy.” (Do you think I have a money tree growing in my backyard?!) My first Celine came as a gift from my boyfriend. The second Celine, the Celine cape, & the Chanel belt were all found from a vintage store in Paris that I talked about HERE!

Charlotte Olympia Collection: This assortment of shoes kind of began by accident! Originally I purchased the Hollywood heels when I was in LA for work. Next came the watermelon pair as a joke because I am deathly allergic to anything in the melon family! (If you can’t eat them, wear them, right?!) The next pair was scooped up in Vegas, the next pair in London, and then in Paris….so on, & so forth! It wasn’t intended to be an official “collection,” but I couldn’t resist myself and next thing I knew I was a quote, unquote, COLLECTOR?!

What items in your home are insurance-worthy and deserve the #SuprisinglyPainless Esurance stamp of approval?! Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to Esurance for protecting my home & for sponsoring this post!

  • Mama Kerr

    I love this blog post!

  • Kristin Krakowiak

    LOVE LOVE all the items you highlighted! BUT…that floral dress you are wearing! Can you share where you got it?

  • Joshua Robertson

    Love this post! You can never get rid of those sentimental items! ):