Take Your Vitamins, Kids (PLUS a delicious smoothie recipe!)

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away…

…or so they say.

I feel like there is so much “hype” about what each person should do to keep their body healthy. Whether it’s going vegan, exercising 5x a week, getting 8+ hours of sleep each night, limiting your alcohol, or whatever it is, yes, there are things we COULD ALL DO to ensure we are the healthiest we can be. And while every person’s body varies, and different actions yield different results for each individual, I think we can all agree on one thing: Taking vitamins is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA.

Anyone else have memories of taking vitamins that escape to looking forward to eating your Flintstone Chewable everyday that tasted just like candy? Yeah, me too. And luckily, as an adult, and after trying about million different brands & variations, I have finally settled on OLLY…aka, the most delicious gummy vitamins you will ever eat! With a vitamin for every ailment, OLLY’s assortment of vitamins & supplements are not only tasty, but the easiest way to ensure that your body receives the best nutrients for the day! For the past 3 months, I have been taking the Women’s Multi & Vibrant Skin gummies every single morning, as well as the Restful Sleep gummies 30 minutes before bed. Not only have I noticed my energy skyrocket throughout the day, I am convinced that taking vitamins consistently every morning has helped me from catching the AWFUL flu that’s been going around this season! In addition, even my hairstylist noticed how quickly my hair has been growing lately….and I am giving OLLY all the credit! As for the sleep gummies, I AM TRULY OBSESSED. I have never been the type of person who likes to take sleeping pills because I feel like they take forever to get out of my system & I really hate that groggy, hungover feeling the next morning….but since these are packed with melatonin, I fall into a deep, restful sleep within 30 minutes & still feel great in the morning! A couple other variations of from the OLLY assortment I really want to try include the Endless Energy, Balanced Belly, Goodbye Stress, & Keep It Movin’ Fiber!

Hey, a girl can never be TOO healthy, right?!

Ps. OLLY also is selling individual packets to create the most delicious & nutrient filled smoothies! I LOVE the probiotic flavor & I mix it in a blender with a cup of almond milk, a couple handfuls of ice, a sliced up banana, and a cup of frozen strawberries…..and VIOLA…a quick & healthy smoothie to jumpstart your day!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Courtney Matthews

    I had been looking for a new vitamin reg and ordered these after your post. They’re delicious! Thank you ?