Take a LOOK at Amazon’s Newest Device

Amazon Echo Look // Leatherette Jeans

Is it just me or can getting dressed each day be kind of stressful?!

“Should I wear THIS outfit or THIS outfit?”

“What’s the weather outside?!”

UGH, some days don’t you wish you not only had a second opinion about your outfit, but you also had a personal look book to keep all your curated outfits in one place?!

Whether it’s figuring out which look is cuter, remembering all the past outfits you’ve put together, or even planning what you want to wear in the future, the new Amazon Echo Look has you covered! We all know that Amazon is all about making your life easier, but what if you had a style assistant at your disposal every single day who could give you a second opinion on your outfit?!

The Amazon Echo Look is the first device focused on personal style: With a built in hands-free camera, LED lighting, & depth-sensing (hello, great photo quality!), Alexa will help you look your best because the Echo Look can take photos & videos of your daily outfits using just YOUR voice! And once you have taken your photo or video, you can not only scroll through the looks in the Echo Look app to create a personal lookbook, browse & compare your outfits, see a calendar of what you’ve worn over time, keep notes on your outfits & select your favorites……BUT YOU CAN ALSO get a second opinion on which outfit looks best with Amazon’s new service, Style Check, which combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists! All you have to do is submit 2 photos & the Style Check second opinion will be based on fit, color, styling, and current trends! And because Alexa is built on the cloud & the Echo Look is always getting smarter, these second opinions get smarter the more you use the service! Pretty cool, right?!

And of course, the Amazon Echo Look connects to our favorite gal pal, Alexa, who can come in handy to tell you the weather, set alarms, create shopping lists (so you can shop on Amazon Fashion & scoop up even MORE pieces to create MORE looks!), & play music!

I mean, we all knew Alexa was pretty fabulous, but now, with the help of Echo Look, she can help you LOOK even more FABULOUS.

Photos by Danielle Sabol 

*Thank you to Amazon for always offering the coolest new products to make our life easier….even when it comes to getting dressed! This specific post for KERRently has been sponsored by Amazon Echo Look.

  • Rach

    Omg I heard about this and it sounds amazing!! I always ask my husband for opinion but he has no clue what he is looking at half the time. I need this!


  • Sarah Oomen

    Ordered it yesterday and can’t wait to try it out!

  • Shayna

    Ahh man. I almost bought this yesterday on Ebay since the bid was at 162.00 ; and ended at that price. I was waiting to hear back from my friend how she liked it cause it’s not available to Canadians. ( sad face ? ) but ended up not bidding because I didn’t hear back in time. I did buy the new iPhone instead so fingers crossed I see the look again cheap. Wish I saw this yesterday!