Stepping Into Summer with HUE


Don’t tell my jeans….

…but I am cheating on them with HUE leggings.

Let’s rewind for just a second: I have been working hard on this summer body and basically LIVING in my workout leggings 5 days a week. Since I spent most of the winter months in leggings, I am feeling somewhat confident in them and eager to continue this trend, but in way that’s perfect for everyday! I don’t want to put on jeans and let all the pockets & fabric weigh me down. I want to feel chic without sacrificing my comfort, dang it! And yes, I know we are still 1 month away from summer officially beginning, but my mind is already thinking summer style. And what better way to celebrate the warm weather than with a colorful wardrobe refresh?!

Last fall, I talked about how I made HUE leggings a staple in my fall wardrobe by styling them with booties and under coats. This spring, HUE is still making a appearance in my wardrobe through playful pops of color and whimsical prints! No matter the season, HUE leggings make a  MAJOR statement by brightening up your style!

Of course I gravitated to the Ripped Denim Skimmer in White and Medium Wash. While I LOVE using the darker denim as a neutral anchor to mix with patterns (like I did above with a yellow knit sweater!), I also loved pairing the white denim with a pop of color in my accessories!

Playful printed leggings are another way to spice up your warm weather wardrobe…and who can resist a tropical palm pattern?! HUE did a really unique twist on the traditional palm print with the Palm Tree Simply Stretch Skimmer…and what goes better with these leggings than a show-stopping red top?!

So, I hate to do this denim…..but until further notice, we are on a break….

…because HUE stole my heart.

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you for HUE for always finding new ways to spice up my wardrobe with your incredible leggings & for sponsoring this post!