StayFitBritt’s Smoothie Recipe

I’m probably about to voice an extremely unpopular opinion.

I’m not really on the smoothie bandwagon.

Smoothies, to me, are just really sad milkshakes…..and honestly, it took me 38 years to find one….and shockingly enough, when I did finally find one that I could LEGIT DRINK EVERYDAY, it came from my vegan trainer. Go figure!

Our trainer, Brittney, has always told us that abs are made in the kitchen….and if you had to stare at her impeccable physique twice a week, you’d probably immediately say, “I’ll have what she’s having!” While her diet is 99% plant based, she “splurges” on fish every once and awhile. (For reference, I splurge on french fries….same but different?!) It’s safe to say that Brit & I aren’t exactly aligned when it comes to our relationships with food….which is why she does what she does for a living and I pay her to kick my ass in the gym, right?!

So how in the hell would a chicken-tender eating, cheddar cheese loving, martini drinking gal like myself ever enjoy a recipe that she gave me?! Well, while Brittney wasn’t able to offer up a chicken tender & cheese & vodka smoothie, she was able to combine another handful of my favorite things: Bananas, cold brew, & almond butter! This smoothie has become Kyle & I’s favorite post-workout treat, and on days I don’t hit the gym, this smoothie is a meal replacement for me! It’s so simple: toss everything into the blender, and voila…you’ve got a delicious & healthy solution for busy days!

Ingredient List: (FYI, you can find everything at Walmart!)

-1 banana

-Scoop of vanilla protein powder (I use THIS BRAND!)

-1 tablespoon of almond butter ( I like Maratha & you can buy it in the jar, but one of these packets is an exact serving amount needed for the smoothie!)

-1/2 Cup of unsweetened almond milk

-1/2 Cup of cold brew or iced coffee

-As much ice as you prefer

-Top with hemp hearts & cacao nibs

*Don’t forget to follow our personal trainer, Brittney, on Instagram HERE! She’s always sharing the best tips with her followers! And her body will inspire you to get your ass into the gym on those days you need the motivation!

*Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Martha

    This looks delicious~ going to get the ingredients today!

    PS~ you look fab as always- can you please share the lipstick you are wearing?

  • Jeannette

    Made this shake today and it was delicious!! Thank you for sharing