Spring Cleaning with The Container Store & Neat Method


THIS WAS BEFORE….and I feel somewhat cringe-worthy even putting these on the internet!


An exclamation point and all caps doesn’t really do it justice…I never really thought there was a person or a brand who could make my closet & vanity feel somewhat organized, but between The Neat Method & The Container Store, they accomplished IT ALL!

I must admit: I am a little bit bit of a hoarder. I don’t collect bizarre things or hold onto items that serve zero purpose. But I AM A COLLECTOR of things that I ACTUALLY USE. I love makeup. I love handbags. I love jeans. And I make NO APOLOGIES. Some of these items collect dust, some of these items get brought out on special occasions, and some of these items are stars on my Instagram….but all of these items have one important thing in common: I CURRENTLY DO NOT WANT TO GET RID OF THEM!

And for a girl who lives in a 1 bedroom/1 study-turned-makeshift-closet 1600 square foot high-rise apartment, this can pose somewhat of a problem. Every nook and cranny of my apartment serves a purpose….but until the Neat Method came along, the nooks & crannys WERE NOT CUTE AT ALL. Things were stuffed and stored and squished. I knew where everything was, but in all honesty, I would sometimes forget about a certain pair of jeans, or a lipcolor, or a face mask I put away for a rainy day because they were probably at the bottom of some pile in some drawer or closet.

If you aren’t familiar with the Neat Method, then you’ve clearly been living under a rock. (Ps. Their Instagram account is like organizational porn!) the Neat Method is a luxury home organizing service who swoops in and designs and implements a customizable method to organizing all your madness. For some, it might be your kitchen pantry, or your husband’s side of the closet…whatever it may be, the Neat Method can tackle it. Valerie & the team from the Neat Method Dallas made it all very simple for me: Day 1 was a consultation where they came by and I showed them the areas that needed work (closets, vanity, bathroom drawers & cabinets). They took measurements and pictures so that they could bring back all the right items from The Container Store that would make these spaces more efficient. Day 2 they WENT TO WORK. From refolding every pair of jeans, to sorting through all my lipsticks, EVERYTHING FINALLY HAD A HOME. No more weird piles or drawers that I was scared to open! They even brought a label maker which made my organizational heart go pitter-patter!

But one of the best parts of this process was seeing all the cool organizational items that they brought back from The Container Store! Whether it was wooden hangers, acrylic trays, drawer separators (I honestly didn’t know these were a THING until now & now I am pretty obsessed!) decorative bins & boxes, or makeup caddies that hold everything, I was so impressed with the selection of curated items that would make my day to day life easier! And as a person who is already a HUGE fan of The Container Store (I mean, I know you guys have seen my custom Elfa closet…I’ll refresh your memory with that post HERE), I was so excited to partner with them for this project, too……AND DURING THE PERFECT TIME, because from now until May 13th, you can score 25% off all the closet essentials so that your life can feel a little less messy!


Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to The Neat Method & The Container Store for getting my life in order and for partnering on this post! From the bottom of my heart, me and my home THANK YOU!

  • Gabby

    LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing the REALNESS! I can tell you right now, you sharing the befores (which look like my current closet) inspires me to get up, purchase containers, and organize too! thank you so much Courtney!

  • Jenn Lake

    What a life-changing difference! Amazing!

  • Danielle Mone

    You have a closet I would love to raid!! I already see some pieces I wouldn’t mind snagging.