Spring 2020 Denim Guide

Sweater: ba&sh // Jeans: Levi’s // Heels: Gucci // CC Necklace: Vintage refurbished by Designer Jewelry Finds // Chainlink Necklace: Gorjana // Apple Watch Band: Amazon

I really try to wear dresses, and granted, I love them, but there’s nothing better than a great fitting pair of jeans is there?!

My collection has expanded quite a bit over the years, and while *most* people’s average eye might not recognize the differences between all the styles, I like having the option of colors, fabric, or even pairs that feel a little more casual or dressy.

Lucky for y’all, the majority of my most worn denim is part of Shopbop’s Spring Event Sale…and here are all the details: 15% OFF orders $200+, 20% OFF orders $500+, & 25% OFF orders $800+!

So back to my favorite pairs of jeans…let’s break them all down, shall we?

(L to R & everything that is still available is linked…if its not included in the following links, then it is no longer available!) ASOS Checkered Blazer // Frame Le Original Jeans // Marion Parke White Mules // Levi’s 724 Straight Cropped Jeans in Black // Amazon Sunglasses // AE Striped Tee // Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans // Apple Watch Band // L’Academie Blue Blouse // Frame Le High Flare Jeans

Frame Le Original Jeans: (ZERO STRETCH, but size down…okay, I know that makes no sense, but lemme explain! While the fabric of these jeans has no elastane, the fabric will grow over time. To be honest, I struggled with the thought of sizing down, but the sales girl swore up and down that I would disappointed & wouldn’t like the long-term fit of the larger size of the 2….so I listened, and I am so glad I did! So take this as your sizing warning, also!) This pair is such a classic in my jeans collection because it doesn’t compete with anything I pair it with. Its got minimal distressing, which keeps it casual, but I can easily put on a blazer and high heels and change the entire dynamic of these jeans!

Levi’s 724 Straight Cropped Jeans in Black (They have stretch, so take one size down!): The reason I typically gravitate towards a cropped jean is because of all the options I have with it: I can wear them with sandals, booties, heels, or sneakers. But the reason this particular pair landed in my collection was because I wanted a black pair that wasn’t distressed that I could ALSO tuck into my tall boots!

Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans (ZERO stretch, but they will give in areas like your crotch & butt once you wear them for a bit // Take true to size, even though they will be skin tight…but I promise they will begin to feel more comfortable once you wear them a bit): I know you are thinking these are probably identical to the Frame Le Original, but let me point out the differences: While the wash is similar, this pair is more of a true denim blue, while the Frame pair has a faded effect. The Levi’s, to me, are much easier to make completely casual with sneakers (perhaps due to the ability to cuff them?) OR I can wear them with heels, too. The price point on the Levi’s is considerably lower, whereas they are under $100! And if we are being completely honest here, I’ve got 4 pairs of this exact pair and that should speak for something, right?!

Frame Le High Flare Jeans in Black (have plenty of stretch // take one size down): I have had the jean pair of jeans for almost 3 years and I seriously love them every time I wear them as much as I did the very first time I put them on. Not only do they feel super slenderizing, but they also make your legs appear 93747397 miles long. These jeans scream “CHIC” and will always make you feel like you’ve got it all together! I personally love pairing them with a fitted black top, a blazer, or a long robe or kimono (a la Rachel Zoe!)

Scroll through to shop these jeans, plus a couple of my other favorites!

Scroll through to shop other items from my closest that are included in the sale, as well as some brand new items that I just ordered yesterday!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Kielie

    I really love the Frame Le High Flare jeans in black, however, they are very much so out of my price range, even with the discount. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations for a “dupe” pair? I love the look but just can’t break the bank on jeans. Thanks for your help!