Spotty Coverage

Photos by Molly of A Piece of Toast

Cargo Vest: Old Navy; Polka Dot Blouse: c/o Dorothy Perkins; Jeans: DL1961 (last seen here); Shoes: Steve Madden, old (Similar); Bag: Christopher Kon; Necklace: Bauble Bar; Earrings: c/o Gorjana; Cross Bracelet: c/o Gorjana; Watch: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

No, you aren’t looking at a dalmatian.  And no, Cruella Deville wasn’t my inspiration for this outfit post….although, she would’ve been so proud.

When I bought these jeans back in May (remember I raved and raved about the impeccable fit), I initially thought they would be so easy to style…but they’ve tripped me up on more than one occasion.  It wasn’t until I recently got this polka dot Dorothy Perkins blouse in the opposite color combo that I thought, “Now I know exactly what to pair with those jeans!” My “ah-ha” moment revealed itself, and an outfit was born.

Styling tip: If you aren’t brave enough for a dot duo combo (or any other pattern on pattern), try breaking it up and easing your self into it with a third outerwear piece.  This olive green vest I wore was simple and easy, but a blazer or leather bomber would work too.

Do you think this look is “spot on?”


  • Alissa Kelly

    I love this look SO much!!! You look gorgeous and that necklace is amazing. I stalked that olive vest from ON for WEEKS, but never pulled the trigger, and now they’re out of my size. 🙁 Darn it!

    • Tata

      Love the colors! I have to admit that I didn’t know what a shnimk was when I first came on this site. My first thought was she has on the same Alice & Olivia jacket (RE: pic. in top right) that I just purchased. I now refer to it as a shnimk .Looks like we have similar taste! I love these things because it doesn’t get too cold in Vegas so I can be fashionable year around. Only problem, I’m not a fan of the sense of fashion in Vegas, so I tend to venture off to other places or go on-line to do a lot of my shopping. Your posts are greatly appreciated!

  • Kelsey

    You look gorgeous!! I love every single thing about this outfit!

  • Jessie

    Love that necklace!

  • Julia

    I LOVE this look! It is one of my favorite looks on you, ever!!!!! It’s such a great combiantion that totally works!

  • Huong

    I was wondering how to style a dot duo combo and I love how those jeans aren’t overpowering. The cargo vest was definitely unexpected and cute. I definitely enjoyed reading this post! You are absolutely hilarious, lol!

  • lindsey

    Such an adorable outfit! And totally obsessed with your necklace!!!

  • Liz

    Really love everything about this look – the double dots, the olive green vest, the ray-ban shades! Great inspiration Courtney 🙂

  • Jenna Harris

    I was just looking on and i saw these they remind me so much of the steve madden shoes you are wearing here and all the time. I thought it would be helpful to put as an affordable “similar” option. Love you and worship your style. When I shop I ask myself would courtney wear this. xo 🙂

    • Elisa

      I love your 70 s influenced style, the dress color is great and that nail poilsh color is exquisite. I love the shmink as well. I went to Macy’s and it is shmink season! I’ll send those pics to your twitter, they were really awesome. Thanks for the posts,

  • Lindsay

    I’m loving the dots on dots! The vest was the perfect addition!

  • A @ Rock and Sole

    Love th muted color combinations in this. The polka dots are great!

    • Shiva

      I love how you’ve put this outfit ttohgeer. In my spare time i love checking fashion blogs and even tumblr to get ideas as to how to put different items of clothing ttohgeer as i’m not all that creative like that.I am in desperate need of a shmink. I have been saying this for the past two years, but need to take the plunge and actually buy one.Oh, and is it weird that whenever i pass Missoni in London, i think of you? lol.

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