Shirt for Now, Coverup for Later

Top: Free People // Jeans: Levi’s (They literally come in, like, 10 different shades!) // Flats: Me Too (But LOVE these mules HERE) // Sunglasses: Prada // Lipstick: Grande in Desert Peak

Gosh, I love a 2-for-1 special.

Sometimes it comes in the form of cheeseburgers (buy one, get one free!), and other times it comes in the form of clothing. Because I was a girl who grew up on a budget, and still strictly adheres to one, I am all about pieces that are capable of being multi-functional in different scenarios…and this blouse perfectly fits that description! I was initially drawn to it because of the floaty, butterfly sleeve (you know I LIVE for a dramatic sleeve moment!), but after looking at it closer, I really loved the gauze/linen fabric! This is a fabric that I really love to wear in the summer because it’s super breathable, but typically its fairly thin, so you have to layer it. I was impressed to see how much thicker this blouse was…..which meant I could wear it ALONE, too!

So today, it’s a just blouse. But keep your eyes peeled, because the second I head to a beach, it’s gonna look SO CUTE layered over a bikini!

Photos by David Spector