Refresh Your Home on a Budget

Floor Pillow // Stool // Succulent // Throw Blanket // Chaise Beige Pillow // Wicker Tray // Gold Decorative Sculpture // Pink Aztec Pillow


We do it to our closets, so why shouldn’t we do it to our homes, too?!

The older I get, I love spending time in my home. I have spent a lot of time & money curating my very own “Home Sweet Home,” and it brings me so much joy to cozy up & cook, entertain, & enjoy days in my humble abode. When I was initially decorating my home, I tried to be conscious of pieces that I could “refresh” every now and then. Over the years, I have discovered that it’s super easy to swap out seasonal items that can give my home an instant facelift!

Recently. on a trip to Target, I fell into the “TARGET BLACK HOLE” (we’ve all been there…am I right or am I right?!) and went a little wild in the home accessories department! From throw pillows, to stools, to blankets, & knick-knacks, I was able to scoop up some really affordable items that I knew would fit well amongst the investment furniture that I already own! I made some simple swaps that made instant changes! Here are the quickest ways to refresh your home for spring & summer:

  • Swap out throw pillows & blankets: Typically, I have some velvet pillows that live on my couch. A fresh update for summer included bright, Mexican blanket inspired prints with tassels & more breathable fabrics, like cotton instead of wool!
  • Add a stool in a corner: I’ve always had this corner mirror, but I have forever been on the hunt for items to accessorize it with! I found these oversized floor pillows & paired them with a printed stool for some extra oomph!
  • New knick-knacks: Changing out the decor on your entertainment console, side tables, & coffee table can be the cheapest way to liven up your room…..I removed my leather tray and replaced it with a wicker one!
  • Fresh flowers in bright colors: Nothing screams “SPRING!” quite like fresh flowers! Trader Joe’s is a great place for inexpensive stems….throw a bundle together & it adds instant glam!

What’s your favorite way to update your home for the new season?!

Photos by Fort Lion Studio

  • Tiff

    OMG loooooove how you mixted the aztec with the Palm Springs chic!!! I grabbed a few of those new Target pillows myself!!

  • Joshua Robertson

    I love home decor & re-vamping a home with new materials! I love the decor in these photos.

    I will definitely be getting that black and white throw blanket!

  • Kelly

    That velvet couch is one of the best I have ever seen!

    xx Kelly
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  • Miratek

    The stump table is great.

  • Jessica

    Where is your floor mirror from?

  • zoid research complaints

    These are great pictures.

  • Karthik Radhakrishnan

    Love the patterns and texture of the floor pillows in the first image. Would go well with the floor of my flats in Tambaram. 🙂

  • Rosamond

    Very colorful and beautiful decoration ,
    If you like plase check this website out :

  • Danielle Mone

    I am such an interior design freak and I love these pieces you’ve showcased! You have such a fun space!! I’ve added some of these touches into my fiancé and my apartment!