Red Ruffles That Proved Me Wrong

Dress: Alexis // Shoes: Charlotte Olympia // Clutch: c/o Ann Taylor // Earrings: Gorjana


This dress silhouette is typically a hard “no” from me.

Upon seeing it on the hanger, this shape doesn’t generally do my figure any favors. The cinched waist & tiered ruffles accentuate my already hourglass hips and create a larger image when I look in the mirror.

But on this particular day in the fitting room, I couldn’t resist the embroidery & details of this dress, so I tried it on….assuming that it would immediately remind me of why I don’t try dresses like this on in the first place. But once I zipped it up, something magical happened: THIS SILHOUETTE ACTUALLY WORKED ON ME. Cue: jumping for joy in a dressing room.

I don’t know if the waistline just hits at the perfect spot, or if the length of the ruffles is a bit more flattering than most, but I swallowed my words & pre-conceived notions and headed for the cash register. Did I need this dress? No. But How could I pass up a moment where this little ruffled dress proved me wrong?!

Photos by Fort Lion Studio