Ready for My Cool Moments with CoolSculpting


She’s a real stubborn one….& not “cool” at all.

She doesn’t respond to diet or exercise. She is perfect at ruining a body-conscious fitting dress. And even though Spanx might give her a run for her money, she ultimately defeats them.

“SHE” is none other that my stubborn belly fat. And “she” has made it clear she’s not going anywhere anytime soon….until now!

It was suppose to be a simple Friday afternoon spent shooting a fitness look for “KERRently Wearing,” when I finally had enough with her shenanigans. Despite my loyal attempts at eating right & working our regularly, my belly fat WOULD NOT BUDGE. I hit my wits end, threw my arms up in the air, and decided it was time to face this beast. For years, I have read about CoolSculpting and its ability to target fat cells & eliminate them for good, and since my belly area had proven that it wasn’t going to trim down (despite my efforts!), I knew I was the perfect candidate for this treatment! I immediately hopped on the phone with Dr. Jay Burns’ office, EpiCentre, to schedule a consultation and get this on the calendar!


So, what exactly is CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive, clinically proven treatment that reduces fat cells through FDA-cleared cooling technology. Basically, in “KERRently” language, it’s a comfortable, fat freezing procedure with long-lasting results! So, where on your body can CoolSculpting treat?  CoolSculpting can help sculpt & shape areas of your body that are prone to stubborn fatty cells, such as your abdomen, outer/inner thighs, love handles, & double chin. So, why CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting not only safe, effective, & proven to eliminate fat for good, but it’s non-invasive, personalized to your body, & is a simple procedure with no downtime!

For me, there’s no convincing that CoolSculpting is the best option when it comes to treating my belly area that makes me feel so self-conscious! And with the most dramatic results being seen between 1-3 months, this is the perfect time for me to have a “cool moment” & debut my newly sculpted belly area….right in time for the busy fall fashion season, a trip to the Caribbean, my birthday, & all the holiday parties! This is a time of the year that I want to feel & look my best, as well feel confident in the clothes that I wear!

So even though my belly fat might be stubborn, with CoolSculpting’s help, I am determined to win back some “cool” points & finally show her who’s boss!

*Thank you to CoolSculpting for sponsoring this post & partnering with me to ensure that I feel & look my best….right in time to debut my first of many “cool moments!”

  • Jenni Theis

    Do you have any after photos? Coolsculpting is something I’ve been interested in for awhile now and I’m curious to see how it worked for you.

  • Kelly

    Do you feel like it worked well? If so, how many treatments did you need to see results?

  • R. Firestone

    Would you recommend? Have you seen results?

  • Heather

    Do you have progress pics?

  • KB

    But does it hurt as bad as I’ve heard it does,?! I have the exact same issue on my body!!

  • Sonia

    I’m looking forward to seeing a future post of your results!

  • Natalie Oldroyd

    Cool sculpting works but OMG the pain for the 5 min after it comes off sucks!!!!

  • Kristi

    Can wait to see after pics! Where did you go?
    Xo, Kristi

  • Letty

    Does it hurt? Would like more details on the process and how it feels.

  • Melanie

    Can’t wait to hear the results! I watched someone’s video of their procedure and they cried in pain. That got me a bit nervous to try it! Also, the cost. I’m sure yours was covered by CoolSculpting but can you talk about the cost? And don’t you see better results if you go more than once? Cha-ching! But I’m just like you, I eat healthy and work out. I don’t know what else to do! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Judy Nielsen

    Please be honest about the results. Do you plan on more than one treatment?

  • Judy Nielsen

    Please tell us the results – my son had this done and so far he is very disapointed.

  • Olivia

    Have you seen the results you were hoping for?? Overall do the benefits out weigh the cost?