Random Amazon Finds, August 2019

Golden Goose Dupes // Weleda Cellulite Oil // Weleda Skin Food Creme // NUXE Body Oil // Waterloo Sparking Water in Black Cherry // A313 Retinol Creme // Ice Roller // Bytox Hangover Patches // Iphoria Leopard Phone Case // Marble MacBook Cover

We’ve all done it.

You hop on the Amazon app after a couple glasses of wine, and next thing you know, random deliveries are arriving at your door. It truly shocks me how you CAN FIND ANYTHING on Amazon these days….fashion, beauty, home decor, groceries, you name it….it’s all there!

Today I am headed to Seattle to work on a project with the Amazon Fashion team, and since I’ve got Amazon on the brain, I thought I would share a quick roundup of some of my latest (& totally random!) Amazon purchases!

Golden Goose Dupes, $39.99: Can you believe how identical these look to the $500 originals?! FYI: The sizing is a little wonky, so go one entire size up!

Weleda Cellulite Oil, $17: You probably know by now that I have a severe love of body oils, so I was curious to hear that this one also helps with cellulite! The reviews say that it takes a full bottle to notice results, so I will report back once its empty!

Weleda Skin Food Creme, $12.49: During my little retinol mishap I had back in April, so many of you told me that this creme was a game changer while you where in the peeling process of the “retinol scaries.” Figured I would go ahead and get a tube just in case! I assume that if it helps with retinol peeling that it would probably be awesome for post laser or any other type of excessive dry skin!

NUXE Body Oil, $54: I initially fell in love with this body oil the very first time I went to Paris! I read that it was fan favorite from the French pharmacies, but was sad that I could never find it here in the states. Imagine my surprise when a reader let me know that it was available on Amazon!

Waterloo Sparking Water in Black Cherry: If there’s one thing I hate, its schlepping 12-packs of this back and forth from the grocery store to my car to the house. I finally got smart and took advantage of free Prime shipping and had these delivered in bulk! They are my favorite drink to sip on in the afternoons when my sweet tooth strikes, & I also love mixing this flavor with Tito’s vodka for a low-calorie cocktail!

A313 Retinol Creme, $15.99: So, apparently this is what a dermatologist will prescribe you if you ask for retinol in the states. I found it in a Paris pharmacy…and after reading the reviews, it sounds like TONS of women across the world swear by this product for glowing, smooth skin!

Ice Roller, $11.99: Not enough sleep & woke up puffy? Keep this little device in the refrigerator and 10 minutes of rolling with this…..you’ll feel brand new. Leaves your skin tighter, brighter, and little more contoured! I love taking this with me when I travel & storing it in the mini-fridge!

Bytox Hangover Patches, $75 for pack of 25: A girlfriend of mine told me about these when we were on a bachelorette party in Mexico. I thought they might be too good to be true, but OMG THEY ACTUALLY WORK! I apply them 45 minutes before drinking, or right when I go to sleep after a long night of cocktails. Now I don’t drink without them!

Iphoria Leopard Phone Case, $45: This little cutie was a last minute addition to my cart! Loved the metal handle on the backside so I’m certain not to drop my phone when snapping selfies!

Marble MacBook Cover, $25: I don’t know if this actually protects my computer, but it sure is cute! I always score compliments on this cover when I am traveling or posted up at a coffee shop working!

Ps. Some other Amazon favorites that aren’t pictured include my Celine dupes for $10.99, the $39.99 high-frequency laser wand that has changed my skin, & the $16.99 infamous Rolex-lookalike Apple watch band!

Photos by Danielle Sabol