Punk Princess







Dress: BCBG; Jacket: Topshop x Nordstrom, old (Similar here & here); Boots: Dolce Vita, old (Similar here & here); Earrings: Bauble Bar x Nordstrom; Pinky Ring: Gorjana; Watch: Michele; Lips: MAC Creme Cup

If you have been following me along for the past couple of years, then you probably know by now that my birthday is exactly one week before Christmas….

…and I despise it.

Granted, I can’t be angry that my parents decided to have one magical moment exactly 9 months before Santa arrives.  I don’t blame them for my December birthday being overlooked….instead, I blame all the people who overlook it but giving me a joint gift! So in my attempt at birthday/christmas retaliation, I become the most obnoxious birthday brat…and that brattiness all begins with selecting the most perfect birthday outfit!

I always want that look to appear effortless…you know the look, the “Oh this? Oh I just threw this dress on, and happened to grab the jacket on the way out the door, and and I could’ve worn sky high heels, but these over the knee boots are just super cool girl.” (Umm, yeah, it’s not actually that simple, believe it or not!)

My dress shopping started at Nordstrom, and after trying on every party dress they had, I chose this one….perfecting the rocker girl/birthday princess look from head to toe. The tutu effect definitely adds to the “birthday princess” concept, without me having to wear a crown to remind everyone that its MY NIGHT!

Do you treat your birthday dress shopping as seriously as I do?!


Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 3.38.21 PM


*Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post and helping me celebrate my birthday in style!

  • sasa

    The pink dress is so beautiful<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • Natali

    You look so beautiful in this glamorous and chic outfit!
    This dress is fantastic!


  • Jessica Clancy

    I agree, holiday birthdays are the WORST! Those earrings are phenom though!!


  • Grace - Stripes & Sequins

    ughhhh want this dress! now it’s in my cart. you’re a bad influence! (and happy almost birthday!!)

  • Wishes & Reality

    You are so stunning! Another absolute fab look. Enjoy celebrating your birthday…Christmas can wait!

    Heidi D.

  • Chermo

    my sentiments on the December Birthday. Sometimes i get flowers from friends for my BD and there is Christmas stuff in the bouquet. UGH!! my husband knows there better not be any thing that could be interpretted as Christmas in MY BD flowers!!

  • Karen Blackwood

    Seriously, now my favorite of everything you have ever worn. My daughter turns 5 on Dec 18th. .7 days before Christmas 🙁

  • Megan

    Courtney, you look so pretty! My baby’s nanny’s birthday is on December 26. She recently told me that she’s struggled with the whole birthday/Christmas combo gift scenario her whole life too. I have a nephew born on December 11 and I always vowed that he would have a nice birthday present from in addition to a nice Holiday present. I never thought it was fair to be born so close to Christmas! I hope when he is older, he’ll look back on his childhood and never feel like he was cheated. Love from Seattle!


  • Aida

    Just beautiful!

  • Darlene

    Rock the Birthday Princess, Girlfriend!! I’m Dec. 30. Bleh. Love, love, love this!

  • Cindy

    Love the outfit! I am a Dec 4 Baby. I totally agree with the entire post!!!!

    I rebel and become a birthday brat as well! This year I got a Macy’s dress though!! (your pick is out of my budget sadly 🙁 )

    Luv u Courtney!!

    follow you religiously!

  • Isabel

    What color are you wearing on your nails? Love it!

  • Kelli

    I feel your pain. My b-day is 12/16 so I, too, celebrate BIG……

  • vera sawicki

    Amazing photos!!


  • Allison

    I hear ya sister… my birthday is December 23! Very cute outfit

  • Stephanie

    Love this look, the perfect balance between feminine and edgy!


  • Berty Morales

    Gorgeous and in love with this entire look.
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  • Liz

    Love this outfit! There is the perfect balance between edgy details and feminine details!


  • Erika

    This look is fantastic. Just the right amount of everything!

    What nail Polish is that? Because that is equally fantastic and not mentioned!

  • Susanne

    We have the same birthday and I despise it too. I know how you feel. Love the outfit.

  • Ellen Faith

    Love that you have the guts to wear something as daring as this because to me this is soooo daring. And happy birthday!


  • Renee

    We have the same birthday I understand the birthday brat logic.

  • Jenny Roberts

    I feel your pain! My birthday is a week before Christmas as well and I have hated more than I loved for the same very reasons! Thank you for the beautiful b-day outfit inspiration, I LOVE IT!!!

  • tyrene

    Cute outfit and have a happy birthday you deserve it!!!!

  • Shoshana

    This is the modern day styling for the female cast of West Side Story. Love this look.


  • Andrea

    Love this dress! You look fabulous! Happy soon birthday.

  • Fashion Snag

    Love the dress!


  • Fiona

    The jacket is so perfect!

    x Fiona


  • Carly

    Love this edgy look!
    My son’s birthday is even worse….it’s the day after Christmas. Talk about it getting majorly over-looked. After one year of a disastrous disappointing birthday (he turned one) we have decided to do his birthday party in January, an all about him day on the actual day and small half birthday celebration in June. You should totally due a half birthday too. In fact, I think everyone born in December should do a birthday and half birthday….it’s only fair.
    As a mother, I feel terrible about the bad timing of the birth. If you have any other suggestions to make is birthday special and not over looked I would love to hear them.
    The Doctor Diva

  • melissa

    LOVE this outfit on you!

  • Kaley

    LOVE the dress, Courtney!! Looks great on you 🙂




  • Cassie

    Love this dress, I think those other cute black booties you featured would look great with this outfit!

  • skigirl0891

    I love tulle!!! I have boots very similar, so I’m thinkin I could re create this look 🙂

  • Fortune Tarantola

    Love this dress, perfect for a birthday! Enjoy celebrating!


  • sam

    Nail polish????

  • nunu

    wowwwwww! amazing outfit dear!!!! so great!
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    Kiss from Italy.

  • Ester Tellez

    Haha i have a twin sister and our birthday is right on December 25th!

  • Debbie

    Well my birthday is Dec. 26. For 55 years I’ve been dealing with the double birthday Christmas gift. Funny thing my stepmother was the only person to separate them. My late aunts was Christmas Day. My uncle had her birthday in June. There is no answer. But my mostly fabulous husband always lets me do whatever I want. So.

  • Billi

    Love this post!

    xoxo Honey Bee Swim

  • Erin

    This is the exact outfit every girl wishes she could find for her birthday and never can! I look for this damn dress every year when I make plans for my birthday and can never find it. Is it weird to buy a dress 8 months before your birthday just so I don’t have a mental breakdown in Nordstrom the week before?

  • Jamie Walsh

    Pairing the leather jacket with the frilly dress is STUNNING! Happy Birthday!