Period Talk with TAMPAX

24 years….

…That’s how long I’ve been enduring a monthly, unpleasant visitor & reached for my helpful friend, TAMPAX.

Almost 10 years…

…That’s how long I’ve been oversharing here on, and that’s also how long I’ve avoided talking about periods…until now! It’s actually somewhat ironic to me is that I’ve had no problem discussing EVERY TABOO BEAUTY SITUATION (hello botox, fillers, lasers, rosacea, and hormonal acne!), but when it comes to our periods, why is there such shame in the discussion game?!

Well, here at KERRently, we are gonna turn the corner have a period chat because it’s officially #TimeToTAMPAX! I’m excited to announce that I have partnered with TAMPAX to help give my readers & #KERRentCommunity the tampon & period education we deserve! I mean, let’s be honest here: Periods are normal…so period talk should be too, right?! RIGHT?!

And if you’re anything like me, you might initially be thinking, “But wait, I’ve been using tampons for a while…I think I’m pretty well versed on the topic! What else do I need to know?!” BUT, take a look at these stats that might make you think a little differently…

Yep, those tampon statistics convinced me that’s there a gap in education regarding women’s bodies, so HERE WE ARE! So what exactly is TAMPAX doing to make sure they are the go-to resource for tampon education?!

TAMPAX has created tons of new educational content which you can find HERE on their website! They also created HILARIOUS video content that will provide some education nestled with a laugh or 2!

TAMPAX has partnered up with Dr. Melisa Holmes, who’s an OBGYN & the founder of!
TAMPAX is giving back by donating feminine products to those in need to organizations such as Matthew 25, PERIOD, Good+, & Feeding America.

Look, we are all living through a pandemic right now & life is a little strange lately, ‘ya feel me? There’s a lot that I don’t currently feel entirely confident about, but one thing we should feel confident about is our periods & the tampons we are using month after month!

*Thank you TAMPAX for your commitment to educating us about our bodies & helping normalize periods and the use of tampons! Also, a big thank you for sharing that education with me & my community by sponsoring this creative content!