Out of Office

Shirtdress: Rachel Parcell Collection (Thank you, sweet friend!) // Jeans: Frame // Heels: Stuart Weitzman // Belt: Gucci // Sunglasses: Chelsea28

I rarely, rarely do this…but when I do, IT’S MUCH NEEDED!

I am officially checking out from every single work responsibility for the next 4 days because I am leaving for a Mexican vacation! These last couple of days have just dragged by….like the universe knew all I could think about is a beach and a margarita, so it tries to throw you a couple last minute curveballs…just to test your patience!

BUT SERIOUSLY, I have earned this vacation! A couple days of zero emails and zero responsibilities, all while getting waited on hand & foot…..ahhh, that’s the life! Sometimes it’s truly wonderful to unplug & give your mind a break…..and I feel like after those moments is when I am the most eager to get back to work & move full steam ahead!

So cheers to a Mexican vacation….the beach is calling my name!

Ps. This shirtdress is PERFECT to wear IN or OUT of the office! I sexed it up a bit by front tucking the hem, popping the collar, and unbuttoning a few more buttons to give it a sassy low neckline…but it also looks adorable belted and worn as a more traditional, work appropriate dress!

Photos by Danielle Sabol