One Sweater, Two Ways: Day to Night







Photos by SukiLynn

Day Look: Sweater: c/o Nasty Gal (Same version in white); Shorts: J.Brand, old (Similar); Flats: Valentino; Bag: Celine; Sunglasses: Sicky’s c/o Accessory Concierge; Square Power Couple Pendant: Bauble Bar; Key Necklace: The Giving Keys; Pinky Ring: Bauble Bar; Watch: Michele; Earrings: Gorjana; Love Bangles: Accessory Concierge; Hermes Cuff; Nails: OPI Ink

Night Look: Sweater: c/o Nasty Gal; Bondage Bra: c/o Nasty Gal; Shorts: Milly; Heels: c/o Nasty Gal (Love the burgundy ones, too!) ; Bag: c/o Nasty Gal; Square Power Couple Pendant: Bauble Bar; Key Necklace: The Giving Keys; Pinky Ring: Bauble Bar; Watch: Michele; Earrings: Gorjana; Love Bangles: Accessory Concierge; Hermes Cuff; Nails: OPI Ink


People see my “image” on Facebook, or Instagram, or even here, my blog, and think they know what my day to day life looks like….

In their minds, my life goes a little like this: I sleep till 10, play dress-up in my closet, have a hair & makeup team show up at my house, then frolic around town with a photographer in tow, head to a radio station maybe once a week where I prerecord my daily talk show, and then I drink wine and eat fabulous meals with a handsome man, or head to a elitist charity event.


Here’s the reality: My days begin quite early by walking a 47 pound pitbull for, at least, 30 minutes, followed by a quick breakfast, maybe a pilates session or a trip to my apartment gym. After that, its time to hit the pavement: Grind away at emails, work meetings all over town, or strategically planning what outfits I want to share on my blog and then photographing them with my blog photographer. Another midday dog walk happens, followed by lunch on the run…usually “to go” and eating it 10 minutes before I begin a 4 hour radio show from 3-7pm (yes, I am actually there LIVE every single day!). Its back home to walk Fancy, and make a quick 10 minute wardrobe change, and if I’m lucky and our schedules align, its time for a late dinner with a tall, dark, handsome man, or make a 15 minute pit stop at a charity event…then follow-up on emails again, one last dog walk to wind down, and its time to hit the sack…Yes, I’m quite the earlybird to bed…say, 1030pm or so.

I tell you all this because my daily M-F outfit planning is VERY IMPORTANT. I need a look that can take me from 10am-9pm, so finding those hero pieces that can go from day to night is crucial. Take this lightweight Nasty Gal sweater: When I leave the house in the AM, I can pair it with a distressed boyfriend denim, my go-to flats, and a big handbag that carries everything I need for the day. But when I leave the radio station and head out for the night, I want it to feel more dressed up, and with some quick changes, its a whole new look: I can pair the sweater with a dressier short or skirt, swipe on some deep plum lips, lace up some sassy heels, and swap out my oversized tote for a clutch…and VOILA!

What’s the one hero piece that you reach for when you need to go from meetings to martinis or the boardroom to the bar?!

*Thank you to Nasty Gal for partnering with me for this post!

  • Tana Cowin - Styled Society

    You are a busy lady!! I can totally relate. I love this simple day to night look. This sweater is so simple but yet can be done in such a chic way to take it out on the town for a night.

    Love this look! Now, go get a rest 😉

  • melissa

    love the heels!!

  • sasa

    Great day to night look! Love your sweater:P

    Shall We Sasa

  • Bella

    Super cute! I love hoe you did the day and night.

  • Kathy

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your day with us. I loved reading about it. You are definitely on the run. I love how you were able to make so many different outfits from one sweater. For myself, I would use a white blouse or white top as an easy transition piece since you can pair it with so many things. Thanks for sharing.


  • vera

    What looks!!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  • Natali

    Yep, photos and posts on the blog/ social media are one thing and “impression” but behind the scenes is the real, daily life.
    You look so cool in this outfit!

  • Berty Morales

    Love the sweater Courtney, and also adoring both looks.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less!

  • Andrea

    Nice outfit! Love the sweater.

  • Keokah Sanders

    My go to is a shift dress. My closet is stocked with them in different styles and colors. It looks great and I’m comfy all day.

  • The Esocialite

    Oooh didn’t realize that sweater was sheer…fun! I feel like a good blazer is my hero piece…something that I can pair with a button up shirt for work and with a tank and heels for evening.

  • Tas Branded Wanita

    Thanks for sharing