New Year’s Eve with Trunk Club

What if I told you that there’s a fashion stylist who would love to help you build your perfect wardrobe…..& all you had to do was try on the clothes?!

You’d probably totally wonder why you had never taken advantage of this, wouldn’t you?! Well, make sure you’re sitting down, because I am about to share a fashionable revelation that is going to change you, & your closet’s, life: THIS ACTUALLY EXISTS. Ladies, meet Trunk Club!

Trunk Club, with online services & multiple clubhouse locations nationwide, was solved to help a problem that every woman faces: You love having a closet full of perfectly-suited options for your lifestyle, but you probably don’t enjoy the inconvenience & task associated with shopping. Am I right or am I right?! Fighting the traffic, digging through the racks, trying on a million things to find only that one thing that fits….IT IS EXHAUSTING, I know (heck, I spend more time shopping than I’d like to admit…I GET THIS!). Trunk Club pairs you, along with your budget, needs, & preferences, with a stylist who does all the dirty work for you! Your stylist will hook you up with a trunk full of perfect options (think: everything you need to complete a look, from clothes to shoes & everything in between!) so that you can look & feel your best!

And before you come up with some lame excuse about how you don’t have the budget for this….well, well, well…Trunk Club’s styling services are ENTIRELY COMPLIMENTARY….& all you pay for are the clothes you keep & a $25 home try-on trunk fee which goes towards your purchase!

So just a recap in case your jaw already dropped…

  • Complimentary fashion styling services from your very own personal shopper
  • No need to go to the mall…you can try your trunk items on in the privacy of your own home or at any Trunk Club Clubhouse
  • Your trunk is curated within your preferences, your budget, & your lifestyle…you only pay for what you keep for your closet & shipping is ALWAYS free
  • Did I mention you get a personal shopper for FREE?

Recently, I had the luxury of popping into the Dallas Trunk Club Clubhouse for my very own styling session, & I will be the first to tell you that even though I LOVE CLOTHES…it’s a major game changer when someone else does all the SHOPPING for you! And because I’ve yet to decide on my plans for New Year’s Eve (& because I LOVE HAVING OPTIONS!), I figured this was a perfect time for the Trunk Club stylists to work their magic! From house party, to bar hopping, or even fancy cocktails, they hit these looks outta the park….let’s just say, no matter the occasion, I’m gonna be so adorable that I am 100% getting kissed at midnight!

Check out my styling session in the video below & get started with your very own Trunk Club stylist HERE!

Video by Joshua Fortuna

*A big thank you to Trunk Club for letting me enjoy your styling services for myself & sharing my experience with my readers by sponsoring this post!

  • Megan at Lush to Blush

    This is a great idea!I will definitely be looking into it!


    Megan at Lush to Blush

  • Linda

    I love the blush sweatshirt!!! Where can one buy that specific item?

  • alexie

    Great article, love it. BTW I’ve just written this post about how to wear a fedora 5 ways and thought you might like it :O)

  • Bhumika

    Could you tell us what brand the black heels & the tassel clutch are please?

  • Jeannine Gavlick

    Happy New Year!! I’m obsessed with the blush sweatshirt!!! Where can I purchase one?

  • Jessica

    Love the Burberry blush sweatshirt!