New Year, New Abs, Same Me

Zip-Up Jacket: Ultracor // Leggings: Ultracor // Workout Tote: Deux Lux, old // Sneakers: Golden Goose (check out all these styles on SALE for 50% OFF!) // Sunglasses: Michael Kors // Beanie: ASOS

If one more person says “New Year, New Me” I’m gonna lose my shit.

Just because 2018 has officially commenced, it doesn’t mean you need to make a resolution to be a completely different person. Why not start with just being a BETTER person?!

Maybe you’ve noticed (or maybe you don’t care at all!), but for the past 2 weeks I have been on a bit of a hiatus. Call it “Christmas Break,” call it “vacation,” call it whatever you want…..but I refer to it as PIT: Personal Improvement Time. Generally when I take some PIT, it’s for a day, or a couple of hours during the workweek….but after this past fall season, I felt like my body, my brain, & my sanity could all use some much needed “me time.” And then it got me thinking, maybe this should actually be required for adults?! It certainly makes me miss the good ‘ole days of being student and having “holiday break,” ya’ know?!

So during some of my free time throughout the past 2 weeks, I decided to get a leg up (literally & figuratively!) on my 2018 workouts….and that was probably the best decision I have ever made! Not only did it remind me not to eat as much during the holiday season when we tend to reach for everything in sight, but it also reminded me that I REALLY LOVE WORKING OUT. The last time I was SERIOUSLY dedicated to a fitness routine was in 2013 before “Courtney Loves Dallas” premiered on Bravo……UMMMMMMM, for the record that’s 4 years ago! Yes, I love SoulCycle and would do that regularly, but my body really responds the best when I have a trainer holding me accountable…sad to admit that at the ripe age of 36 I still need someone to “hold me accountable?!”

Fast forward almost 5 weeks, and I am feeling INCREDIBLE. I am feeling STRONG. I am feeling CONFIDENT.

So confident that I promised my boyfriend that I would have my 6-pack back by his birthday… 3 months.


I will share more of my fitness, health, & wellness journey throughout the next couple of months, but for now, let me know in the comments below if you have any new fitness resolutions! I mean, don’t we all?!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Emily

    Boyfriend?! Ahhh! Go Kourt! I remember watching you go on dates on your TV show. Time flies!! We want to see your boy! Love this post. So true–we don’t need to be a new version of our selves, just a BETTER version! I love that!! XOXO love a longgg time follower 🙂

  • Monika

    Hi Courtney, I agree with you that too much pressure we put on ourselves might be what later haunts us because we didn’t ‘keep’ a promise… That’s why I am not a huge fan of resolutions, period. Do I have some goals that I don’t necessarily verbalize out loud? Yes, but I don’t stress out about them too much, because knowing myself I am going to then criticize myself the hardest and that only leads to frustrations. Trying to be a better version of myself, everyday, always, is probably the best goal/resolution to hold onto. Kisses! ~Monika

  • Natali

    You are looking great and this is a perfect workout gear! Good luck with the 3 months promise, anything is possible! 😀

  • Bre

    omg…you are my motivation for the next 3 months!!
    I am getting married in Riviera Maya in April 6…about 3 months!!!
    Can’t wait for your health and fitness tips over the next few months!
    My goal weddings shape & flat tummy in 3 months!!!

  • Tara Vail

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. I had to start Advocate 24 day Challenge on Jan 1st. I felt incredibly cliche but I needed to do it for myself- my body and my liver needed it for sure. I wanted to see hot ass abs by my 37th bday but that is in 2 months. Not sure if I can do that but I am certainly going to try! I am calling 2018 the year of wellness- so damn cliche lol but I need it!

  • Katie schimmels

    We missed you! Welcome back!

  • Pritha

    I had baby #2 in Sept and want to desperately fit back in my old clothes! I have so many beautiful pieces that are just waiting for me to take off the hanger! so my resolution- the ONLY resolution- is to lose weight and fit back in my clothes by my birthday- March 22! I started weight watchers on Tuesday and it’s showing me where i’m going wrong but also still working so i have high hopes! good luck to you too