“They Never Get Old!”

Over the years, I have shared A LOT of beauty products,


And chances are, if you follow me regularly, then you are fairly versed in seeing my “regulars”& my “old faithfuls.” Most of the time, I rarely even mention them anymore because I assume y’all are sick of hearing about them. Well, despite what I thought, I have been asked TONS REPEATEDLY recently to share these beauty products that I can’t live without! So, maybe you are new to me & to “KERRently?!” If that’s the case….WELCOME…and I am so happy to have you here! But if you are an old faithful follower, then here is finally a spot where you can see everything I love, obsess over, & that my face, skin, body, & hair ultimately need to survive as a woman! And surprise, surprise, you can find them all at Nordstrom! Whether it’s a new natural, organic skincare brand like Kopari, or a high end skincare staple like La Mer, or the makeup must-haves from MAC, Nordstrom is ALWAYS my go-to when it comes to finding the latest & greatest. Is it sad to say that Nordstrom has become my baseline for beauty indulgences?! As in, “well, if Nordstrom doesn’t carry it, then I probably don’t need it!”

So whether you have waited for this list for a while, or don’t even know what you’re in for….brace yourself & consider yourself warned! Take notes & click “add to cart” because these products are my HOLY GRAIL OF BEAUTY!


La Mer Perfecting Treatment: When you film an instastory or a snapchat, is your favorite part swiping right to find a filter to smooth out your skin? If so, then your skin will thank you when you apply this before your makeup. Consider it a filter for your ACTUAL FACE….it helps makeup to go on better and creates a barrier that works as a primer….not to mention it’s texture is hydrating, velvety, and absorbs quickly into the skin.

La Mer Renewal Oil: So if I am being completely honest here, this is actually a product that I have only been using for about 2 months. I have used La Mer faithfully since I was about 21 (was introduced to it while interning for Neiman Marcus & it was the best thing I learned about all summer, ironically!) and I LOVE oils for the skin, but I could never justify the price tag on theirs. Well sometimes opinions change, & after I had my microneedling treatment in December, I don’t know how I ever lived without this particular oil. My skin drank it up and the smell is heavenly. Is the price ludicrous? TOTALLY. Worth it? TOTALLY.

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm: If you don’t know, NOW YOU KNOW. Balms are where it’s at! About a year ago, I was introduced to this cleaning balm and I felt like it had everything I could every look for in one cleanser: It took ALL my makeup off & completely dissolved it, while also cleansing my skin well enough, and yet no part of my skin felt stripped TOO clean. The balm is a wax-like texture which takes a bit to get use to at the beginning, but rubbing it into the skin feels like I am giving myself a facial massage & actually makes me look forward to washing my face every night!


Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo: Are you really even allowed to brag about not washing your hair if you aren’t using this dry shampoo? I have tried EVERY DAMN dry shampoo on the market and I ALWAYS find myself consistently using this one. The smell is heavenly & thankfully they now offer a brunette formula for the dark-haired gals!

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: Want sexy bedhead, no fuss, roll in the sheets, perfectly textured curls? Then add this to your cart and never look back. When I had short hair, this was THE ONLY ITEM I consistently relied on to get that cool girl texture. And now that my hair is longer, it really helps achieve that bombshell, beach wave.

Drybar Prep Rally Conditioning Spray: If there is one thing that my hair suffers from, its TANGLES. I’ve got super thick, super fine hair….so wet hair out of the shower is pretty much my worst nightmare. I’ve probably spent hours upon hours in my 36 years of life combing through tangles in my hair. This product not only helps those tangles comb through with ease, but it also conditions the hair so you aren’t left with fuzzy, knotted hair! Also great for de-tangling your hair when you get out of a pool or ocean, and leave it in and let air dry for cute beachside curls!


Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation: I dare you to ask any makeup artist what they think of this foundation….and although I am not a betting woman, I would put money on the fact that they tell you how much they LOVE THID FOUNDATION. For me personally, it does the ONLY 2 THINGS I need a foundation to do: Give me great coverage but look dewy & glowing.

MAC Redd Lipliner: THE ONLY RED YOU EVER NEED JUST TRUST ME AND NEVER LOOK BACK. Whether you like red-red, or orange-red, or pink-red, or blue-red, or you have no clue but just want a normal, basic-red, this is the only lipliner to ever purchase. It’s safe to say that I have used this lipliner for probably at least 10 years…and I actually begin to feel a little anxious when it’s running low. As one of MAC’s signature colors, this one is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, and if they discontinue it WE ARE GONNA HAVE A BIG PROBLEM.

Estee Lauder Brightening Serum & Concealer: When you want a concealer that doesn’t actually look like a concealer on your skin, this is the one I reach for. With a dewy (almost tinted moisturizer feel to it) concealer on one side and a brightening serum (I’m gonna call it a highlighter because that’s what it actually is!) on the other side, this duo helps you achieve that “no makeup-makeup” look. Perfect for off days or for when you want more of a fresh face….but nonetheless, the coverage is incredible!

MAC Waterproof Mascara: Typically, I am not a fan of waterproof mascara, but this particular product really takes the cake. I use waterproof formulas on my bottom lashes only so that it never smudges….and I LOVE THE APPLICATOR that comes with this one. Its really tiny & precise and gets into those small bottom lashes. Yes, it one hundred percent stays put…but it actually isn’t a nightmare to get off!

Nars Soft Matte Concealer: So you are probably wondering why 2 concealers made the list…well, because one is dewy/creamy and one is more matte. This particular matte formula is great for spot treating individual blemishes & for using on areas that you tend to get oily. I prefer this product around my nose, chin, & forehead, but I tend to reach for the Estee Lauder one on my cheeks & around the eyes!


Kopari Coconut Melt: I’m not lying when I say “I put this sh!t on everything.” The list of what you can do with this coconut melt is pretty long, but here are some of my favorite ways to use it: on my hair as a deep conditioning mask, on my cuticles, slather on right out of the shower, massage onto your feet & sleep in sock for super soft skin…the list goes on and on. NO beauty junkie is complete without a jar of this.

Aerin Waterlily Sun: I’m not gonna lie, I bought this because I liked the beautiful stone on the lid of the bottle, and the fact that I actually enjoy the scent, too, is quite an afterthought. This scent reminds me of spring and summer: that time of year when I am wearing shorts & linen dresses and have a beautiful bronzed glow on my skin. Maybe I shouldn’t typecast fragrances like that, but every time I catch a whiff of this smell, it makes me want to go on vacation.

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil: I resisted the Tom Ford fragrance bandwagon for as long as I could, mostly in fear that I would smell like every other woman out there….but finally, I cracked, and I’m not really sure how I ever lived without this sexy scent. With a perfect combination of floral & musk, it definitely smells a little bit naughty & a little but nice!

Diptyque Eau Des Sens: I am the first to admit I really know nothing about fragrance notes or why I like to smell a certain way, but one day, several years ago, I sniffed this, liked it, and bought it. Not a single day has gone by that I put it on and someone doesn’t compliment my smell….so I keep buying it. Makes enough sense, right? Or should I say “eau de sens?!”

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*Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to Nordstrom for always having my favorite items in stock & for sponsoring this post!

  • Hannah

    I love posts like this! I am a total beauty junkie and posts like this feed my soul. I would love if you did a couple of routine posts. Your morning routine and night time routine. Maybe even a quick after the gym routine for those of us that work out in the morning. πŸ™‚

  • Jayme

    Now you’re making me want to go invest in some La Mer Renewal Oil, some Estee Lauder brightening concealer” (I’ve never found a concealer I like!) and revisit the Armani Beauty Luminous Silk foundation! If I could run to Nordstrom RIGHT NOW I would. I’ll have to wait for next week’s paycheck to study the Hair and Body sections πŸ˜‰

  • Lisa

    This may be what forces me to Nordy’s to treat myself to some Le Mer. I’m totally worth it, right??!?

  • Rach

    Thank you for sharing this! I agree and cleansing balms are AMAZING!! I need to try that LaMer treatment because I’m constantly wanting to use that flawless filter and if there is a real life one, you bet I need it haha!