National Pitbull Awareness Day






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There are a lot of things I appreciate in life: guacamole, high heel insoles, chardonnay, mattress pads, La Mer face cream, and Mac makeup….but despite how much I love having these items in my life, do I ever dedicate an entire day to raise awareness about how important they are to the rest of you? Why don’t I advocate these products more so and share my love so that you yourself feel the need to runout and go get them too?!

Well, tomorrow, Saturday, October 26, marks an incredibly special day in my life…..a day that was never important to me until about 4 months ago.

On July 19, 2013, a new little lady entered my life…a rescue pit bull appropriately named, Fancy.  Fancy has taught me how to be less selfish, more loving and understanding, and most importantly, Fancy has taught me the value of patience.

But aside from all of those lovey-dovery emotions that I, and fellow dog owners, feel for our four-legged friends, Fancy has taught me how to feel compassion.  She is a part of a breed that is typically known for being bullies and have warranted an unworthy reputation….and on October 26 across the nation, pit bull lovers are out to change that!!  National Pit Bull Awareness Day is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about pit bulls and their owners….and trust me, if you met Fancy, you would immediately be filled with love and joy and happiness…(I mean, seriously, can you picture me with a dog that isn’t, like, 100% precious and lovable?!)

I know plenty of you probably aren’t dog owners, don’t care about pit bulls, and don’t have a preconceived notion about the type of animal they are….so my plea to you this weekend is just to fill your heart with acceptance, and love, and non-judgemental thoughts, whether it be about pit bulls, or fellow females, or those who aren’t like you.

And for those of you who are judgemental….GET A HOBBY…or a dog.

For more information about National Pit Bull Awareness Day, click here.


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  • Shay Shull

    I know several people who should “get a hobby”. Several.

    Happy Day to you and Fancy!

  • Emily S Davis

    Thanks for sharing what Fancy means to you and lending your voice to raise awareness to this cause! Fancy seems like an angel and I am eager to know more sweet pits like her!

  • haley

    Like you, I never knew this was a day that existed until recently. I am so excited to take my pitbull baby to an awareness event in DC on Saturday. Have fun with Fancy! Love these photos- may need to copy them 🙂

  • Hillary Edwards

    Four-legged friends are the BEST friends! You’re amazing!

  • Berty Morales

    Courtney, this is so good to know that Fancy is in your life and makes you happy, and gives you a lot of love. I have two Pits mix myself and they just turned a year old and they are my life. Not to mentioned their mother Lola (She is a pure white German Sheppard and was married to a Red Nose Pit LMBO – the marriage didn’t work out). She had 11 puppies and I kept two of them. Their names are Chloe and Chanel. Knowing that Pitbull’s have their own day makes me happy. They are real good dogs and very lovable. I wish people can educate themselves more about this breed. Back in the early centuries in London, they used to be call sitter dogs. All high society used to own one n(or several) because they were good babysitters to their children. Great post and thank you for sharing xoxoxo

  • Madison

    Thank you for your positive, thoughtful point of view on pitbulls. What a wonderful way to bring awareness to the bully breed! They aren’t “bullies” so much of the time. Love your blog and LOVE Miss Fancy! 🙂

  • Lindsay Truax

    Your dog and your boots are so cute! It makes me think of my little doggy that passed away a few years ago 🙁 I miss him so much. Give Fancy an extra kiss for me!

  • Jen Eaton

    LOVE this post! Pits are such smart & loyal dogs. They are so loyal they will do anything to please their owners & unfortunately, some people use that in the wrong way. They are one of my fav breeds & I’m so glad that Fancy is in your life. She’s adorable!

  • Kelly

    Aww, how cute Court, thanks for sharing! And Fancy is so cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Kristen

    I didn’t know this day existed until this post – thanks for sharing! You also look amazing, as always!

  • Faith

    Love this day and my pitbull! I didn’t realize how judged pitbulls are until I rescued mine. It’s sad, really. But everyone who meets my sweet Izy is reverted! Great post!

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  • Alison

    I am SOOOO happy to read this. As a proud pit mama myself, I applaud you for not only rescuing Fancy, but speaking out about the breed. We need more people like you who have media attention to take a stand for these incredible companions. I don’t know what I would do without my Ella.

    Much love!

  • Dylan

    Will you marry me? Haha

  • Mary Schannen

    Hey – I love pit bulls – I would get one myself if did not have my two rescue greyhounds and chug -(3 dogs is all I can handle right now). Love your new show too! If I was 15 years younger and single, you would be the type of friend I would want to hang out with. 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  • Catrina

    This is so amazing that you are raising awareness for such a great cause! More celebrities should use their status to promote causes like this. Yes this breed has a bad reputation, but they are not all bad. These dogs need a good loving home just like any other breed. You and Fancy are setting a great example for people and it is nice to see someone taking a stance for this cause.

  • Bellas Shelf

    My rescued off the street during a snow storm is named BELLA! Shes the absolute best!
    how come i dont c fancy on ur show?
    just found you via your show. i need fashion help, but i am too fat to look as gorg as you!!
    gained weight because i was depressed and learned “emo eating” temporarily made me feel better.
    im re learning eating and excercise and dressing for a different body type.