My Hunt for the Perfect Red Lipstick

Dress: Caroline Constas // Heels: Nine West // Bag: The Daily Edited // Red Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

I’m not gonna sugar coat it….

…the hunt for the perfect red lipstick is challenging, and for some women (myself included), it never really ends. Okay, lemme explain.

My relationship with red lipstick began when I cheered collegiately in college. Not only did I want a matte lipstick that would last all 4 quarters of a football game, but I also wanted a color that stood out from the bleachers (thank you Mama Kerr for actually pointing this out…I guess I have her to thank for my love of a crimson lip early on!). At that time, like Fall of 2000, my options for beauty brands in Abilene, TX were limited….LIKE, VERY LIMITED. Because I was on a college budget, “fancy department store brands” like Clinique, Estee Lauder, & Prescriptives were out of my budget….and this was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY before the days of Sephora & Ulta (actually, there was an Ulta in Dallas at the time, but not Abilene!). So, I headed up to Target and browsed the aisles of “drugstore brands” in attempt to find something, anything, that would work. After dissecting every version of red (orangey-red, bordeaux, wine, big apple, cherry, etc), I settled on a color that, in my opinion, had the perfect blue-ish undertones to it. Looking back, I could foreseen my future loving all things beauty at that time….because this whole experiment (that didn’t include Instagram, Pinterest, selfies, or a smartphone) was a fun adventure that not many of my other girlfriends would’ve enjoyed the way I did!

So why did I tell you that entire story and take you down memory lane?

Well, because not much has changed: I still love the adventure of experimenting with new colors, brands, and browsing the aisles of a cosmetic store (I actually did it last night at Sephora!). But despite the fact 18 years that have come and gone by since I began my love for the perfect red lip, I still can’t 100% say that I love one red color more than another version. Yes, there are weeks that I reach for the same one over and over (this month its THIS ONE!), but then I get distracted by the latest & greatest! WHAT CAN I SAY……I SIMPLY JUST LOVE ALL RED LIPSTICKS….well, not all of them…BUT A LOT OF THEM have been loved by me at some point in my life! Scroll through below to shop my KERRent red lip favorites!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Lynn

    Thank you for doing the research for me. Always on a quest for the perfect red.