My Exciting Thursday

Dress: IRO & 50% OFF (also comes in red) // Booties: Chinese Laundry // Sunglasses: Prada, old // Bag: Amazon

I actually feel like a kid in a candy shop today!

As many of you know, back in January I had a quick little surgery on my earlobes to stitch up my earring holes that had stretched out. Yes, it seems like a totally vain, and bizarre, elective surgery, but they had been stretched out since I was in high school (damn you, pageants!) and I would only wear about 2-3 pairs of earrings. Long story short, my scars have healed beautifully and today I am getting my ears pierced again! My doctor who performed the surgery will be piercing them…why? Well, because 1) he knows where the scar is, and 2) he can numb them before SO I DON’T FEEL A DARN THING!

Be sure to head to instastories to see the behind the scenes, as well as the earrings I picked out! And if you are curious more about the lobe surgery, I have it all saved in my instastories highlights!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • robin

    Wow that is interesting and I’m sure you are excited to have them pierced! I love your purple dress by the way!

  • Joshua Robertson

    This purple dress and white boot together is STUNNING!
    The contrast between the two colors is awesome I’m obsessed.