My Morning Routine with Supergoop

When someone asks, “Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed today?!”…..well, that’s a REAL THING.

Ever gotten out of the wrong side of the bed and felt like it completely ruined your entire day?! For me, not participating in my “normal” morning activities could send every piece of my day down the drain! So, why are morning routines so important?! Well, aside from setting your daily intentions & creating positive movement for the next 12 hours to come, studies show that morning routines can also implement a better mood & energy into the amount of positive impact you set forth towards the hours you are awake.


So with that being said, here is a peek into my morning routine that leaves me feeling strong, fulfilled, healthy, glowing, & confident for the rest of my day!

THE FIVE MINUTE JOURNAL: Take five minutes everyday to set your intentions for the day. Whether they be prayers, or goals, or dreams, putting my hand to the paper and writing down what I want to achieve always helps me create those visions & set them into motion. Journaling has also allowed me to learn more about myself in perspective & compare the “old Courtney” with the “new Courtney.” Ultimately, giving my mind 5 minutes to reflect on what I want to accomplish helps keep negative thoughts out of my head space….and right when I wake up, well, that’s too early to give light to anything that isn’t productive or positive!

CHECK ANY IMMEDIATE TECHNOLOGY (ie. Social media, texts, emails, etc): Keyword there being IMMEDIATE! Maybe I should just call it a “technology scan” instead because that’s truly what it is. I scan over my texts, any missed phone calls, social media notifications, and emails to see if there is anything pressing. To be honest, diving head first into a phone right when I wake up actually gives me so much anxiety…I need to wake up, get the groggy out of my system, & pull myself together before I even consider contacting anyone else vis technology! Which brings me to my next point….

COFFEE, COFFEE, & MORE COFFEE:  2 cups max….but I WILL FINISH EVERY LAST DROP of those 2 cups. And I want the coffee scolding hot or I don’t want it at all!

TAKE 6 VITAMINS & CHUG A HUGE GLASS OF WATER: Yep, 2 doses of energy boosting multi vitamins, 2 doses of biotin (your hair and nails will thank you!), and 2 vitamins that are full of skin supplements like hyaluronic acid & collagen peptides! Taking vitamins EVERY SINGLE DAY was part of my 2017 resolution last year and I am happy to say it stuck!

PREP SKIN FOR THE DAY: Obviously, I save the best part of my morning routine for last…and obviously, this involves SPF! If you know me & my skincare rants, you know how passionate I am about preventing any type of damage to my skin! The sun is the #1 factor that causes women’s skin to age, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, YOU CAN CHANGE THAT by just being diligent when it comes to applying SPF everyday. And while I’ve heard all of y’alls excuses (& I still think they are all crap!), there is really no reason why SPF shouldn’t be part of your morning routine….even Supergoop! agrees with me. While we all know they are the leaders in the SPF world, they have now launched a new product that does even more than just protect your skin! Unseen is unlike any other traditional SPF that would be in your morning routine because it does what about 3 different products do….but in ONE! Not only does Unseen offer SPF 40 against UVA, UVB, infrared, & blue light (yeah, the light from your computer and iPhone are ACTUALLY hurting your skin!), but it also provides oil & shine control AND leaves a velvety, makeup-gripping finish! So what does this mean for you & your skin during your morning routine? It means that Supergoop! created the ULTIMATE primer when they developed Unseen! Personally, I love the clear formula because it flawlessly blends into my skin (whether it be pale or freshly spray-tanned!) and creates the most perfect SPF veil that gives my makeup an even better application!

Scroll through below to shop Unseen PLUS my other Supergoop! SPF favorites!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to Supergoop! for always keeping my skin protected & for sponsoring this post!

  • Kari

    Love the five minute journal idea!! What brand are your vitamins?

  • Docdivatraveller

    This sounds like a super sunscreen!

  • Brandy

    I have been wanting to try the setting mist! How does it make it feel your skin feel? Does it set your makeup all day?

    I love all your beauty posts!

    XO, Brandy

  • Lindsey

    Which vitamins do you take?!

  • Jillian

    where did you get that white button-down shirt dress from????