Modernize Your Mom with a Conair Steamer

Some of my greatest childhood memories involve hanging out in the living room with my mom every Saturday afternoon.

Dry cleaning was too expensive for our blue collar family, so my mother IRONED. She would drag in all of the clothes from the washer & dryer that needed to be ironed, prop up the ironing board & wait for the iron t0 heat up, turn on the VCR & rewind her week’s worth of soap operas to catch up, and go to town. And while 20 years or so have passed…..and even though I have moved on to my Conair steamer (which, might I brag, has been dubbed the “most powerful handheld steamer”)…she still uses her iron RELIGIOUSLY, despite the major fact that she consistently complains about how time consuming & inconvenient her it is! Every holiday….her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day…without fail, I ask my mother what she’s got on her wish list. And EVERY HOLIDAY, she says in her best southern accent, ” Well, I’d really love a steamer like yours, but is it too complicated? Do I have room to store it? Do I have to get rid of my iron?”

Well mom, the answers are NO, YES, & DUH.

Is it too complicated? Learning how to suffer through your iPhone update is WAY more complicated than learning how to use your Conair steamer….and I’m not just saying this because I have owned one for 6 years! Once you fill the cartridge with water & see the the ready light, you’re pretty much ready to roll…AND QUICKLY! Within seconds, it’s turbo steam technology produces 50% more steam that’s 50% hotter than other handheld steamers! With two heat settings & several fabric specific attachments, you can customize how you steam…much like the settings on an iron, MOM!

Do I have room to store it? My Conair steamer has traveled the world with me! I have taken it to New York Fashion Week for the last 5 years (after I began to realize that all the tiny NYC hotel rooms don’t always provide an iron, ugh!), it’s been to Paris with me (heaven forbid my dress for the opera have a wrinkle!), and I have even taken it with me to Mexico on several occasions! I tell you this because, not only is it incredibly light…weighing in at 2.2 pounds….but its slim design offers easy, compact storage!

Do I have to get rid of my iron? Well Mom, the Conair steamer’s advanced dry steam technology penetrates heavier fabrics to release wrinkles even faster & quicker than ironing….so why on earth would you keep it that old school iron & ironing board?! Every time my mom comes to my house, she always comments about how simple, quick, & less damaging to clothing my Conair steamer is & how she wishes she had one for herself…so I think this is the year to get her one for Mother’s Day & show her how modern the Conair steamer actually is!

Have you tried a Conair steamer? Isn’t it FABULOUS?! Don’t you think your mom needs one, too?!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to Conair for always keeping my clothes looking wrinkle-free & for sponsoring this post!