Mix Party with Artistry

I would 100% consider myself an expert when it comes to mixing & matching my clothes.

But my serums?! SAY WHAT?

For most women, it’s practically impossible to find ONE SERUM that could combat your most important skin issues. Some women crave additional hydration, others want to fight dark spots, and let’s not forget to defend against wrinkles…..all while firming & brightening! We want it all, and I don’t blame you ladies, because I am right there with you!

What if I told you that Artistry has created their Signature Select Personalized Serum that let’s YOU CHOOSE what YOUR SKIN NEEDS & make your very own personalized serum that addresses your concerns?! Through the power of 3 serums in 1, you can have your very own mix party and choose up to 3 skincare needs: Hydration, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Brightening, & Anti-Spot. Last Friday, I invited over 2 of my girlfriends for the ULTIMATE “KERRently Pampering” Party! We threw on some cute pajamas & slippers, then we each mixed up our very own customized serums!

Here’s how the serum works:

-First, you start with the Artistry Signature Select Base Serum, which is clinically proven to establish a nourished skin foundation & antioxidant protection for all skin types.

-Next, you select up to 3 Amplifiers: 1) The Hydration Amplifier has Hydro-Probiotic Technology, which helps repair & protect your skin’s moisture barrier so your skin stays hydrated ALL DAY, 2) The Anti-Wrinkle Amplifier has an 81% success rate at reducing fine lines & even existing deep-set wrinkles, 3) The Firming Amplifier will target & treat saggy, drooped skin, 4) The Anti-Spot Amplifier is full of Vitamin C & 97% of clients say it improves the severity of dark spots, & 5) The Brightening Amplifier enhances cell turnover which diminishes dullness & enhances skin’s natural luminosity.

-Lastly, you MIX IT UP and watch your skin LIFE IT’S BEST LIFE!

So you’re probably wondering what type of “Artistry Skincare Cocktails” we whipped up, aren’t you?! Since my girlfriends spent lots of time with their kids by the pool this summer & their skin is suffering from some sun spots & dehydration, they both chose the Hydration Amplifier mixed with the Anti-Spot Amplifier! As for me, y’all know I am all about that DEWY GLOW, so of course, I selected the Brightening Amplifier, the Hydration Amplifier, & the Anti-Wrinkle Amplifier!

Has it ever been that easy to find a serum that checks so many boxes?!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to Artistry for helping me host the ultimate skincare sleepover & for sponsoring this post.